My Guys! 2018 Baseball Season

My Guys! 2018 Baseball Season

Alright! Time to get to My Guys!tm A couple of considerations I had while making up this list. I looked at the starting line ups as listed today on the various MLB pages. I pretty much went with the guy I had a quick interest or curiosity about. In one case, it is the player that seems to be the main or best player on the team. The real, and in this case only player to tune in for. That would be the Tigers' Miguel Cabrera. I'm in agreement with Joe Sheehan's pick on that one. I have to say, and I think Joe brought this up to, but Cabrera is 34 and we may have seen the beginning of his decline. Keeping a closer eye on Cabrera could be a bit ghoulish. I hope not.

I only went with one pitcher on my list of four, Corey Kluber of the Indians. In this case, at least according to WAR, was the best player on the Indians last year. He very well may be again. From June 1 of last year he had as dominant a run as anyone. I can't think of a better pitcher in the AL Central either, so there you go.

Jorge Soler, playing for the Royals, has a bit of a local flavor. If you remember he was part of the trade with the Cubs that brought Wade Davis to the north side. Soler hasn't played anywhere close to a full season, so just that fact makes for an interesting point of observation. But he was so hyped at first that I just want to see if he lives up to some of it. And it would be nice to see the Cubs dealing with the "might have beens.*"

*From the Not Long Enough for a Whole Blog but Long Enough for a Sidebar Files: To the media trying really hard to tell me that the Cubs (and their fans) are great and likable, not like Boston at ALL, please shut up.  To paraphrase Wilt Chamberlain, nobody likes Goliath. The Cubs are Goliath. Their fans were smug when they sucked and it's even worse now. No team that converts their neighborhood ballpark into a weird, upscale cross between a Vegas resort and Disney Wrigleyville is not lovable, tolerable maybe.

The last of My Guys!tm is the most gut reaction, or "huh? why not?" It is Max Kepler of the Twins. It was also the team I had the most trouble sorting out. Byron Buxton is just a joy to watch and I have a soft spot for Joe Mauer the size of Lake Minnetonka. But when I went through the roster I noticed that Kepler was born in Germany. I thought Army kid or diplomat, but nope. Both of his parents (mom from US, dad from Poland) were ballet dancers and met while working in Berlin. He came up through the German baseball league (who knew?) This is not the standard baseball background. Also, it's not like he is some fringe player either. He is still young, showing signs of power, and if I'm reading it right (defensive stats are weird) he's a decent fielder. So not the worst person to follow.

We'll see how this goes, but four players to follow a little more closely seems like a good start. If it feels to limited, maybe I'll pick 3 more pitchers and another batter to follow rounding out the teams for eight. I kind of doubt it, though. I have a hard enough time writing a blog a week. Last thing, if someone gets injured or traded I'll look for someone else. I'm sure by mid-season players will actually be applying to be one of the White Sox and Stuff My Guys!tm

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