Hey! That's My Guy! 2018 Baseball

So we are almost to the beginning of a new baseball season and the White Sox are really selling us that they are in process. I'm not complaining. I called for the rebuild a while ago, so I'm not going back now. Nope, love the plan! I am all in on the plan.

But going into the season, basically rooting that my team doesn't lose any of its young players, not really caring about the wins and losses, is kind of boring. Another topic for another time, but when a good percentage of the league isn't really trying, it makes paying attention for 162 games seem kind of silly.

I have a solution! Thanks to Joe Sheehan and his wonderful newsletter (if you're not subscribing, you should be!) I've got a new idea on how to stay a little more engaged this season. In his 2018 preview newsletters, he has added a "My Guy" feature for each team. Basically, for no particular reason, he is picking a guy per team to follow more closely than the usual check-in. Not necessarily the best player on the team, just the one he has the most interest in.

I am not taking on anything so ambitious. I do not have the time, nor desire really (I mean come on, I'm not tuning in or looking up the Miami Marlins) to do all that work. Instead, I'm sticking a little closer to home. Along with just being a fan and watching the White Sox, I'm going to pick My Guy! from each of the AL Central teams.

It may very well be the best player on the team or the hottest prospect. Or it might be the veteran player that I've always liked. The only rule is that I'm interested in them. In some ways it reminds me of the old days of fantasy baseball, where you had to actually look up your players. There weren't websites where teams were stored and all the stats are just right here. At least right now I like the idea better than fantasy baseball, mostly because I suck at fantasy baseball. My Guy! is just a guy I like, he's not hurting my team, I'm not going to trade him and I don't need to worry what position he fills for me. For all I know, I could pick 4 outfielders to follow. In the next few days, hopefully before opening day, I'll have my guys picked and go from there.

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