Writing as Practice

Writing as Practice

I'm going to violate one of Jimmy Greenfield's rules of blogging and mention that it has been a long time since I've written here at White Sox and Stuff. It's been a while since I've written anywhere or anything. This isn't to apologize nor a very good explanation, I'm afraid. Things happened since October and we'll leave it at that. If you don't know about those things, you're not going to. It just wasn't things happening either. I don't know how to say it, except writing about the White Sox just wasn't a priority. Writing wasn't a priority. Writing just felt gone to be honest. I didn't have the energy, the desire, or the interest in writing. Then I felt guilty for not writing, which kind of made me want to do it even less and so it went...and kind of still goes.

I know Lent doesn't start until Wednesday, but this is the start of my Lenten practice. Alms giving, fasting and prayer are the disciplines of the season and writing is a form of prayer. It's a practice, at least for me. As some famous writer remarked, "if you only write when you're inspired, you'll never writing anything." So during Lent I'm going to write. What, when, even where are all up for debate.

Whatever comes in the next month or so won't necessarily show up here. I've been trying and meeting a little (very little) success in freelance writing. Writing on a blog is great, but getting paid is better. Some of that writing energy will need to go there. Some of that energy will also go to the podcasts I do. You may not subscribe to the casts (and why not? they're fun!) but they take a lot more work than you might imagine. For every 20-30 minute podcast I probably put in about 3-4 hours worth of prep time. Granted I'm a bit slow when it comes to researching, note taking and writing a script, but it's still a sizable chunk of time.

Lastly, as far as where the efforts will go, some time will be devoted to something long. If I've missed anything about writing these past few months, and really these past ten months it's the long project. I wouldn't call what's been up a block per se, but in this instance I would, a least a little bit. I just can't find the write idea to latch on to and keep going. Should it be something more academic? Another screenplay?* A play? Just a story, and see where it goes? As I sit here right now, I've got no ideas. Or too many ideas that don't seem like the best ideas.

So, I'm starting here, a blog post, not a bad place to start. The White Sox report to camp tomorrow, so that might shake a few things loose. Also as counter intuitive as it may seem, the more I write, the more I write. A long project gets me going and wanting to write shorter things throughout the day. I haven't put that into practice in a long time so we'll see if there is anything left in the writing bank. I hope so, but to be completely honest, these 600 or so words took me two days to write. It's a process.

*Did I ever mention I wrote a screenplay? Yeah. It was called boring and a mess by a reader with some film experience. That seems like a hard double to pull off, so I'm proud in a weird way. Kind of knocked my sails, to be honest. but that's a whole different blog post. 

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