Been A While

Been A While

What is the point of this blog? That has been on my mind a bit lately. Since I started it, back in 2012 (wow, almost 5 years!) I had a general idea of what the point was, or better said what it wasn't. I knew then, and still know, that I can't write a summary to every game. I've tried in various ways to keep tabs on the White Sox through the season, by series, by week, but even that becomes tedious. All of the losing doesn't help in that regard. My admiration for the beat writers grows every season. If nothing else, it's all the proof I need that I will never be a sports reporter.

So what sets this apart from other blogs? Good question. I honestly don't have much of answer right now. I like to think I offer a different fan perspective on the team. I'm not an obsessive, I don't digest every single bit of information about the team. I'm also not a shill for the team. I want to see them succeed, but that doesn't shield them from criticism. I've been trying, when the mood hits, to inject more of a sabermetric discussion into White Sox discourse because, even though it has become more prevalent, I still think it too often gets dismissed, especially by the larger media voices.  Not only that, it seems like analytics have somehow become the domain of the Cubs. It seems like there could be a better balance in that regard. Having said that, I'm not a straight numbers guy. If I can't make sense of the math, I tend to shy away from any given stat. I feel my high school trigonometry and collegiate statistics should be enough to get me through something I ostensibly enjoy. Anything more feels like work. I don't want anymore work, thanks.

To be honest,(and shit, isn't that a good place to start in a blog?) I would like writing to be more of my working day, but that's rabbit hole is for a different blog.  So, what to write about a a team that, is by design, going nowhere this year? Sure there was some of the "who knows, maybe these new guys can make something happen" coming out of Soxfest this year. It was pretty thin this year, though. No one, except the most blinded loyalist at this point, is expecting much. It is a year of low expectations. Maybe that's what this season's focus will be for me: how do the White Sox and their fans embrace what looks to be a multiyear rebuilding project?

As crazy as it might sound, I'm excited to get back to the stadium this year. I got an awesome eight-pack of tickets and seeing how Phish doesn't seem to be planning much this summer, I don't doubt a few more games will be in the offing. The great thing though is that attending games is just that, going to games. No worries about how bad they look, how fast they fall out of contention, just baseball. Usually I go in with a hope of ".500 and a little luck" to maybe make a push for the playoffs. Even that is off of my mind this year. Let's just watch some baseball during some summer days and nights, let everyone else worry about the results.

My podcast working the way I'd like, so if you'd like to hear some US History presented in a lively, fun way, check it out! (warning! the first two episodes audio is not good, but by episode three, I got it!) Episode 40 is up! 1777 part one Get Your History On! Oh and you can get it on iTunes too!

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