The White Sox Plan? No Plan!

The White Sox Plan? No Plan!

So, let me get this straight: The baseball season ended on November 1. The White Sox season ended October 4. Yet, according to Kenny Williams the White Sox have no plan for the off season.  Well that isn't quite right, they have three potential scenarios, A, B, and C.  Or maybe not, because in the same interview, Williams stated that as of the morning of November 17, "Rick [Hahn] hasn't presented to us a definitive direction based on his talks that he wants to travel down."

So, fellow White Sox fans, here we are. We have, quite possibly, a lame duck manager who has a gently used manager waiting on the end of the bench.  I'm not sure if Rick Renteria is a good or bad manager, but his hiring doesn't really do much for me. What really peeves me though is how much I heard about Renteria's ability to speak Spanish, like it is some innovative move.  Yes, Spanish speaking in MLB is a new thing.  If the White Sox didn't realize this was important until now, they are hopeless.

Speaking of hopeless, Williams pretty much tossing Hahn under the bus doesn't inspire my faith in the management of the White Sox. To put it another way, I don't think Hoyer and Epstein across town have such poor communication.  I hate to also point out that the Cubs have a plan.  You might not like the plan, or think it is a stupid plan (I don't know why you think such things) but it is a plan.  The White Sox can't even get that figured out yet.  Or as Williams said, ""But if I went to him [Hahn] and said, 'OK, I want your definitive plan heading into the Winter Meetings,' he couldn't give it to me."  Maybe Renteria can translate "we suck" for all of the Spanish speakers next year.
Thanks to Scott Merkin for the original piece with the interview with Williams. 

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