Kenny Williams Is In Charge, Just Ask Him

Kenny Williams Is In Charge, Just Ask Him

As the White Sox pile up the losses and the blame for why the team is so bad is being spread around, but mostly falling on Robin Ventura, one person has stepped forward to take accountability.  On Saturday, Kenny Williams in an interview with Paul Sullivan, said that ultimately he is responsible for the White Sox poor performance thus far, which seems nice, but then, well, I'll let Kenny tell the story:

"Because I hired the manager, I hired the general manager," he said.

Those guys work for me. They are the hired help. I am in charge.

"Ultimately, I sign off on offseason acquisitions or anyone signed to a contract or trades or anything else. At the end of the day, that's put in front of me. I take full responsibility for the underperformance right now. Believe me when I tell you this, the first phone call when the chairman is upset, it isn't to any of those guys. It's to me."

I make all of the decisions. I'm the guy who does it all and Jerry knows it. Jerry's got me on speed dial, not fucking Rick Hahn.

Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf doesn't call general manager Rick Hahn to vent first? "No, (Hahn) hasn't graduated to that point yet, and I've told him that," Williams said.

Are you fucking kidding me? Rick Hahn can't hold my jock. He doesn't deserve to talk to the owner. You know who gets to talk to the owner? Winners that's who. Hahn hasn't even gotten to the playoffs. Maybe after he does that he can call Jerry's assistant.

"There are some things that perhaps I may have removed myself a little bit too much from the equation."

Rick Hahn, even though I just said I'm ultimately responsible and sign-off on everything, can't do the job and I'll be handling everything from here on out.

Williams said that has nothing to do with Ventura's job status, and that it's Hahn's decision to make, and Williams either to approve or veto. "Rick hasn't come to me and had that conversation, first of all," he said. "Me being in that (GM) chair before, I have to respect his day-to-day operations and interactions with everyone to allow him to bring that to me first. And I haven't felt strongly in the respect there needs to be any change along those lines, so I haven't brought up the subject."

I have great respect for Rick, except he needs to have everything approved by me because he can't do the job.  I'm glad to let him do the menial day-to-day tasks, but again, I run this team.

"In direct answer to your question (on perception), if we feel he is the root of the problem, a change will be made."

When it's time to fire Robin Ventura, it's my decision, not Rick's.

"Listen, I'm on this trip and I went to Minnesota not to shop at the Mall of America, and I didn't come to Detroit to buy a car," he said. "I had some questions, some concerns and I need to have conversations with players and staff, and Robin, to try to determine a number of things."

Since I pretty much determined the course of this team, riding Rick Hahn's ass and making him run everything past me, I needed to see how he and Ventura have fucked up my team.

And yet they still suck, so...

"Right now we're trying to find our way and nobody knows what the calendar looks like more than me," Williams said. "And there may come a time when we have to make some decisions, and some very hard decisions."

I'll fire everybody and I'll be damned if I get blamed for this shit show.

*Apologies to Fire Joe Morgan.

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