Series 37 White Sox v. Mariners: A Bad Road Trip Begins

Series 37 White Sox v. Mariners: A Bad Road Trip Begins

Kids are off to Camp Nini and Poppy, time to make some blog hay!  Would that be blay? So much to write so little time, a week probably isn't enough to get everything I want to get finished, but what the hell, I really want to try.  I'm just going to start drafting like a madman and whatever gets finished, gets finished.  My personal goal/schedule? Series recap, other topic, series recap, other topic. repeat.  It is like a blogging boot camp!

So, a trip to Seattle for our heroes and shock of shocks, it didn't go super-well.  Losing 3 of 4 (making the road trip 2-4) is pretty hard to stay interested in, especially when there was a sporting convergence unlike I have ever been a part of.  The PGA Championship was compelling by itself and my son was TOTALLY into it.  A young gun like Rory McIlroy seemed to get my son's attention and I took him out golfing that Saturday so I wasn't switching over to the White Sox and there was a passing fancy to DVR the games, a quick check on most of the scores made it easy to ignore.  But, come back in time with me to a simpler time when the White Sox were in Seattle, Katy Perry was in Chicago and August 2014 was still young:

Best Batter Game: Alexei Ramirez

Ramirez went 2 for 4 with the go-ahead double in the only game the White Sox won.  Overall, no White Sox had more than two hits in any one game.  It was not a weekend for offensive explosions.

Best Starting Pitcher: Hector Noesi

The same game as above.  The good Hector showed up, only 5 hits in 7.1 innings and one earned run.

Best Reliever: Eric Surkamp

In a series where the team goes 1 for 4 picking a top reliever is a bit of futile exercise.  Young Surkamp, however, comported himself well only giving up one walk in three appearances, no hits or runs.

Best Offensive Series: Jose Abreu

While no one was great, Viciedo did have two home runs, but Abreu managed to get on base in every game and continued to show why he is more than just a power hitter.  Jose collected 4 hits and was hit twice.

Worst Pitcher:  Scott Carroll

Carroll's line looks like a slot machine 7 hits, 7 runs, 7 earned runs, all accomplished in 5 innings.  The 3 home runs given up is a nice touch.

Worst Offensive Series: Moises Sierra

Sierra did not have a great series and wound up on the DL.  With the return of Avisail Garcia, the amount of playing time Sierra sees come September will be fairly limited.  I think the White Sox have him under contract for a little while longer and pretty cheap so he will at the least have a job in Charlotte for next year.

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