Series 36 White Sox v. Rangers: Good to Get Out of Town

Home had been a decent place for the White Sox this season.  They had been a few games over .500 at the Cell, 27-23.  After this 2-5 stint that record is down to just 29-28.  The series against the Rangers was just as bad as the previous one, the bullpen was pretty horrendous and a big blowout.  Add in a wasted Chris Sale effort and getting out of Chicago might just be what the team needed.  Let's look at a the highs and lows:

Best Offensive, Game: Tyler Flowers

3 for 3 in the rain-shortened first game, including a home run and the go ahead single.

Best Starting Pitcher: Chris Sale

Pitched well, one mistake was one too many in six innings.  Did get 9 strikeouts, though.

Best Relief Performance: Jake Petricka, Game 3

Been a rough period for the bullpen.  Petricka managed to get through an inning without giving up a hit and a strikeout.  It was pretty bad.

Best Offensive Series: Dayan Viciedo

Viciedo had a pretty good series, at the very least consistent.  4 for 10, a home run and a walk.

Worst Starting Pitcher: John Danks

Can't get much worse: 4.2 IP, 8 hits, 9 runs all earned four home runs.  Dan Bernstein mentioned before the big downturn of Danks that everyone that was hitting the ball off Danks was hitting it REAL hard, but making outs.  They aren't making outs anymore.

Worst Relief Performance: Andre Rienzo

In a game already out of reach, thanks to Danks, Rienzo came in and gave up four more runs.  There is something even more depressing when a reliever comes into a blowout and makes it even worse.  I got a feeling our Brazilian friend will be on the way out after 2014.

Worst Offensive Series: Adam Dunn

0 for 11.  At least Dunn only had two strikeouts, but no walks which is a bit odd.

Sigh.  When I started this blog, I was almost caught up.  Throw in a couple rounds of golf, a Katy Perry concert and life in general and I'm down two again.  But you know, I've been doing ok with this series summary and I want to finish what I started.  I'll rethink it come next season, but I'm sticking it out.

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