Series 35: White Sox v. Twins Can We Get a Mulligan?

Series 35: White Sox v. Twins Can We Get a Mulligan?

The definition of a .500-ish team: maddening.  I know that .500 isn't particularly good, but compared to 2013 it would be amazing.  At the start of this home stand, the White Sox were three games under .500.  After losing 2 of 3, the White Sox fell back to four games under.  Looking at August, the White Sox might fall even further until they get to September and face four teams more than likely out of contention as well.  Also September can come soon enough for the bullpen.  When the rosters expand, the White Sox might want to use all the new spots for pitchers.  On to the good the bad and the ugly from the weekend:

Best Offensive Game:  Adam Eaton, Game 2

The offense has not been the problem this year.  Another series with a few worthy contenders for best game.  I went with Eaton and his 4 for 5 performance in the second game, a total of 7 TB, a run scored and 2 RBI.

Best Staring Pitcher: Jose Quintana

Damning with faint praise here.  None of the starters were particularly good, including Chris Sale, though Sale did have seven strikeouts, but he gave up 4 runs in six innings.  Jose only gave up a run in five, so not bad, but little else is worth mentioning from last weekend.

Best Relief Pitcher:  N/A

It was a brutal weekend for the bullpen, Javy Guerra had one good outing, but then came Sunday.  More on that later.

Best Offensive Series: Alexei Ramirez

Ramirez has been a pretty steady presence in the White Sox line-up all year and this series was no exception.  Two hits in each game, two doubles and a home run.  Yes, Hawk is insane to compare him to Tulowitzki, but getting Alexei for 116 games thus far compared to Tulo's 91 is a pretty good consolation prize.

Worst Pitching Performance:  The Bullpen, Game 3

Epic failure.  Jose Quintana left the game after only 5 innings but gave up only one run.  He didn't pitch great, burning through 115 pitches in those 5 innings.  Even so, the bullpen corps of Guerra, Thompson, Belisario, Surkamp and Rienzo came on to give up 15 runs in the remaining 4 innings.  If that doesn't paint the picture, 18 hits, 5 walks and a wild pitch on top.

Worst Offensive Series: Connor Gillaspie

Another decent series for the offense as a whole and Gillaspie has been having a good year even though his BAbip of .359 is still on the unbelievable side of things.  So this series and only two hits counts as a bit of lull for the slap hitter.

You're Not Helping!: Alejandro De Aza

Oswaldo Arcia was awarded a double, but he should send De Aza a gift basket as thanks.  De Aza could not have played the ball more poorly if he tried.  He took a bad line, got turned around and when the ball hit him in the glove, he dropped it. All occurring while the White Sox were trying to hold on to the lead in the second game.

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