Series 34 White Sox v. Tigers: Detroit Rock City

Where the hell does the time go? It's August for god's sake.  I'm behind again too!  How the hell did I get two series behind again?  Part of it, I know is that keeping up with White Sox baseball is a little like a chore at this point of the season.  It didn't help that nothing happened at the trade deadline either.  Sure, things happened around the league, some really big things, but it was pretty sleepy on the South Side.  I can't say I'm mad that Rick Hahn didn't make a move.  From the sound of things he tried to make a deal, but just didn't get what he wanted.  It is just disappointing.  There are a number of players who either would be nice to see leave or could bring back some better pieces.  Maybe Danks and Ramirez aren't as attractive as i think.  Having Gordon Beckham and Adam Dunn around for one more year and a couple of months, respectively, isn't the end of the world either.  And who knows? Moves still get made in August, just not in the standings.  Heroes and Villains from a good weekend in Detroit:

Best Offensive Performance, Single Game: Jose Abreu Game 1

3 for 4, a home run, a double, a single and a walk.  Basically, the outs are starting to look like accidents.

Best Starting Pitcher:  Jose Quintana

A good offense can mask a relatively bad series for the starters.  Jose did ok, only giving up 2 earned runs over six innings.  As a unit they only mustered 17 IP, giving up 26 hits, 12 runs all earned and 9 walks.

Best Reliever: Jake Patricka

2 IP, no runs picked up a save and lowered his ERA below 2.00.

Best Offensive Series: Jose Abreu

In addition to the first game, Jose collected an additional four hits and two walks.  In the final game, he didn't record an out.  Adam Eaton had a very good series too, but the deciding factor was 3 strikeouts for Eaton, 0 for Abreu.

Worst Offensive Performance: Dayan Viciedo

1 for 10, 4 K for the series.  That's the kind of performance that makes deals at the deadline kind of tough.

Worst Pitching Performance: Hector Noesi

Well, we were due for the bad Hector.  6 IP 6 runs, all earned, 10 hits, 3 walks.  It's starts like this that should remind us of how far the White Sox have to go.

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