Series 33 White Sox v. Twins: Triple Win In The Twin Cities

I'm not going to complain about winning, that is for sure.  The idea of tanking in baseball is just so foreign, probably because even as they try and sexy up the draft, it is such a long, expansive process, with picks, and sandwich picks and supplemental drafts that being bad is usually enough to be in a good draft position.  Getting the first overall pick is nice, but unlike football or basketball, that number one pick isn't going to be in the major leagues anytime soon, sometimes not at all.  That kind of disaster doesn't happen very often (actually, I wonder if it ever does) but the fruits of any particular draft take years to develop.  So I don't need the White Sox to tank in order to improve through next year's draft.*

*Which does make the point of some of my English friends quite valid.  American sports rewards losing.  In England, if a team does poorly, they drop a tier in the pecking order.  Yes, there are parachute payments to soften the blow, but make no mistake, it is a blow.  Not just to the reputation and pride of the team, but a financial one as well.  It can be quite difficult to make it back to the top league too.  The message? Failure sucks.

Besides, beating the Twins is still kind of fun.  I'll admit I'm still bitter at all of those losses in the Metrodome.  So taking 3 of 4 from them in the Twin Cities is a little ray of sunshine.  I never claimed to be rational nor mature.  The Best and Worst for the weekend.

Best Offensive Performance, Single Game: Tyler Flowers Game 2

This was a tough one to call, is it the multiple base hits, or the extra base hits? Getting on base or driving in runs?  I went with Flowers because of more total bases, 7.  In fact he had the highest TB total in the series.  All things tallied, quite a night for Tyler, double, home run, single. No I won't say a triple from the cycle.  Also, yes, Abreu drove in more runs, but I feel like RBIs rely far too much on the other batters.  I don't entirely dismiss the stat, but it doesn't tell me as much as I'd like.

Best Pitching Performance, Starter: Sale (honorable mention: Hector Noesi)

Hard to argue with eight innings, twelve strike outs, no runs.  Just a joy to watch.  Noesi, though basically had one mistake and it cost him two runs.  Otherwise he pitched well.

Best Reliever for the Series:  Daniel Webb

Webb pitched in three of the four games and only gave up one hit in 2.1 innings.  No walks, one strikeout, but good to get a consistent series from Webb.

Best Offensive Series:  Alexei Ramirez

Another tough choice because the offense played well.  Gillaspie had a good series, Eaton had a good series, Abreu too, but Alexei had six hits and two home runs.  Even though he went 0 for 3 in the finale, still an outstanding series for the shortstop.

Worst Pitching Performance: Ronald Belisario Game 4

After a very good outing from Scott Carroll (when is the last time we saw that?) Ronald came in and pretty much shit the bed and fell back in it.  He didn't record an out, walked two, gave up a hit and everybody came round to score.  Bad day at the office.

Worst Offensive Series: Alejandro De Aza

De Aza did not have a bad series, really, but comparatively speaking 3 for 16 is not on the same level as many of the other guys.  He also struck out 6 times in those at bats.

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