Another Shot At History

Another Shot At History

I wrote a few times last year about the rarity of the 100 loss season.  How a 90+ loss season is bad, but 100 makes it historic.  The White Sox haven't had 100 losses since 1970 and they have had some really bad teams in that time, but still no soap.  They came dangerously close last year with the 63-99 finish.  Believe it or not, they have another shot this year.

If you haven't been paying attention, and I can't say that I've been hanging on every game either, the White Sox have been playing really bad since the All-Star break.  At the break, they were 6 games under .500, they are now 12 games under.  As of August 25th, they have only won 6 games this month.  As it stands right now, the White Sox are only five games off of last year's pace of 99 losses.  What seemed highly unlikely, is now a remote possibility: The White Sox might actually be worse this year than last year.

Oh, it probably won't happen. They might even gain a few games over last year, to what end I don't really know.  Seriously, is a 90 loss team that much better than a 99 loss team?  Either way, the team is a long way from .500, let alone contention for a playoff spot.

During the early part of the season, even until the All-Star Break, things seemed better.  The addition of Abreu was exciting and the team seemed to have a knack of pulling out victories.  It even inspired a Hawkism-Ad Campaign, "Our Kids Will Not Quit!"  As the season wears on, it seems that, in fact they do quit.  No, not really.  But it does go to show that the bromides and cliches that Hawk uses, and other like him, are just so much nonsense.  The will to win, TWTW and Kids Don't Quit are fine to say, but now that we are approaching September and staring at a very likely 90 loss season, do they mean anything? Do people now think that since 2008 the White Sox have not had TWTW and the kids now are quitting?

I doubt it.  The kids are still trying to win, they have the will.  They just don't have the talent.  What is that old Green Day tune? Something about waking me when the baseball season ends?

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