Series 32 White Sox v. Royals: Up They Come

Remember when the Royals were scrubs? When the White Sox actually beat them on a fairly regular basis?  Yeah, me too.  Those were good times.  Times before Chen, before Butler, when it was at least a close season series?  Like last year for instance.  While the White Sox didn't have a winning record against the Royals, they did collect nine wins, their most against any opponent.  The White Sox weren't particularly good against the Royals in 2011 or 2012, either, but as we get to the last months of the season, the White Sox might have their worst record against the Royals since 2000, when they only managed 5 wins against them.  The unbalanced schedule wasn't in full effect that year, with the teams only playing twelve games.  This year they will meet 19 times.  Currently the White Sox record versus the Royals is 4-8, with seven games left.  It is feasible that the White Sox might take 3 of the remaining games, maybe even a win a series.  My guess at this point, considering how things have gone this far is that the White Sox will take 6 of 19 from the Royals this year.  For all of the improvements from 2013 to 2014, regressing against the Royals isn't the best of news.  Anyway, on to the best and worst from this week's three game set:

Best Offensive Performance: Adam Dunn Game 1

Dunn was the power of the offense in the only win of the series.  A 2 RBI single, two walks and no strike outs.  Other than a home run, can't expect more from Dunn

Best Starting Pitching Performance:  Chris Sale Game 1

Yeah, he's pretty much untouchable right now.  Eight strike outs only one run.  He did give up seven hits, but when it goes the pitcher's way, they were "scattered."

Best Relief Pitching Performance: Ronald Belisario

In two games of the series 1 and 3 respectively, Belisario didn't give up a run and only one hit and one walk.

Best Offensive Series: Adam Dunn

Dunn had a pretty good series, even though the team didn't play so hot.  He went 4 for 10, two walks, a home run and four RBI.  So, anybody interested in a slightly old, non-effective fielding, slugger? Anybody? did I mention the hefty contract? Anybody?

Worst Offensive Performance:  Gordon Beckham

Feels like I'm writing this a lot lately.  Beckham went 0 for KC.  What's more he never reached base.  I just heard on the radio regarding the Darwin Barney trade that the Blue Jays were also interested in Barney and have been scouting Beckham (thanks Bruce Levine!) and his prolonged slump has nixed that idea.  Can't imagine other teams looking at Beckham don't have the same reservations.  At this point, is Beckham holding someone back? Maybe next year, his last with the club, he can have a similar role as Konerko's this year?

Worst Pitching Performance: Scott Carroll

Speaking of repeat offenders on this list.  Carroll yet again got lit up for five runs on eleven hits in five innings of work.  Every time I feel better about the White Sox farm system, Scott Carroll pitches and reminds me he is the best option for a fifth starter right now.


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