Series 31 White Sox v. Astros: Back in the Saddle

Series 31 White Sox v. Astros: Back in the Saddle

Back from vacation and then off to Northerly Island for three nights of Phish.  If you want to read more about that, click here and just keep it scrolling. (If you are a fan of Phish, you'll get that.)  Throw in a 9 year old's birthday party and let's just say that my White Sox viewing wasn't exactly the top priority, sleep was, at least in between shows.  I was able to catch some of the radio pre-game and an inning or two otherwise.  I find it hilarious that Ed Farmer feels the need to scoreboard watch and lets us know how many games back the White Sox are back before each tilt.  Ed, sorry man, but a 8~9 game deficit isn't going to be made up by this team.  Yes that one game wild card looks enticing, but it's like White Castle; the price is too high for a momentary joy.  Sell Ricky, sell!  On to the best and worst versus the Astros:

 Best Starting Pitching Performance: Hector Noesi

Hector had a good start, especially for Hector.  He put in 6 innings, gave up 3 runs on 6 hits.  I was talking to a fellow fan about the White Sox today and we came to the conclusion that if the White Sox rotation only had one Hector Noesi, things might be a little better.  Instead they have Hector, Scott, Andre, Felipe, and Erik.  When Sale, Quintana and Danks are healthy, that leaves only two of the unwashed to fill the holes.  When the one of the 2.5 decent pitchers goes down, that means that three of those guys will make up the rotation for a stretch of time.  Not a recipe for a lot of success.  One Hector might be livable, after that it becomes an exercise in futility.

Best Relief Pitching Performance: Daniel Webb

Webb pitched two scoreless innings in relief of Quintana, with three strikeouts.  The entire bullpen for the 7/18 game really did a great job, allowing no runs with 6 strikeouts total.  Basically the three pitchers came in and shut the Astros down.

Best Offensive Performance, Single Game: Tyler Flowers

Could have gone with Viciedo, but Flowers had a good game in the second win of the series, he went 3 for 3 and drove in two runs.  He also got hit by a pitch, making his on-base percentage for the night perfect.  Can't ask for much more from T-Flow.

Best Offensive Performance Series: Adam Eaton

The lead off hitter did the lead off thing this weekend.  He collected 6 hits and 2 walks.  He even managed a stolen base, which is kind of weird.  The reason being that a guy with so much speed only has ten stolen bases.  How can a guy this fast be so bad on the bases?

Worst Pitching Performance: John Danks

Yeah, Danks has definitely had a better season than last year, but he is very capable of laying down a stinker like this one from Sunday.  Four and a third innings, 12 hits, seven runs all earned.  But hey no walks, so maybe there is still a little trade value left in the tank?

Worst Offensive Performance: Gordon Beckham

For the series, Gordo went 1 for 11, with two strikeouts, so no walks, maybe there is some trade value here too?

Best Phish Show Over the Weekend: Night Three

Never miss a Sunday show is my new mantra.  Anybody got tickets for Merriweather?

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