White Sox May Wrap Up: Weathering The Storm

White Sox May Wrap Up: Weathering The Storm

The White Sox have hung in there for the month of May.  Chris Sale went down at the end of April and Jose Abreu joined him on the DL in the middle of May.  On top of those injuries to marque players, Adam Eaton went down at the beginning of May.  Finally, Matt Lindstrom the closer for was replacing Nick Jones the first choice of closer, went down on May 20.  So we've been treated to a lot more of Adam Dunn at first base, bearing witness to Paul Konerko's decline and being reminded that, though it has improved, the White Sox farm system still isn't that great, namely Moises Sierra being the best option instead of calling someone up.

So with all of that and finishing the month 14-14 and an overall record of 28-29, is better than I expected.  As I was driving around yesterday listening to the pre-game show, some folks get a lot more confidence from a .500 month.  One caller said he saw the White Sox as an 82-85 win team and the very next caller said 87-88 is not out of the question for this team.  I suppose those gentlemen are correct, if one is asking the question, "is it possible for the White Sox to approach 90 wins in 2014?" Sure, anything is possible. Probable? um, no.

Let's put it a couple more ways.  Just last week, the Tigers lost 7 of their last 8 and the White Sox gained .5 games, for a deficit of 5 games.  Another look:  Will Leitch, he of the floppy hair and dashing prose, pointed us to a great page over at Baseball Prospectus.  Basically, it gives the daily standings listed by the probability of each team to win their division, make the playoffs and win the World Series.  The Whites Sox had a good month all things considered.  The odds of them making the playoffs rose to 11.5%.  At the start of June, they fell back to single digits, 8.9%.  A little perspective on those numbers, Detroit is resting at 90.2% for making the playoffs in some manner.

Looking ahead and a little behind, we should also keep in mind that at the end of May last year, the White sox started an eight game losing streak, on their way to an eight win month of June.  This June does not look like much of a picnic either.  They start the month out west in LA, playing the Dodgers and Angels, both of which are playing well.  Then the White Sox come home for the Tigers and get a bit of respite with three against the Royals.  A quick two hitter wraps up the home stand against the Giants, they of the best record in baseball.  The month finishes with a long road trip in Minnesota and back east against the AL East leading Blue Jays and Orioles.  I guess the White Sox need to "keep on keeping on" or us fans might be tangled up…sorry.


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