Series 22 White Sox v. Royals: Sucking the Life Out of the Room

Series 22 White Sox v. Royals: Sucking the Life Out of the Room

Taking two out of three from the Tigers was great to start the home stand.  Of course the worst possible result occurred over the weekend.  The White Sox were swept by the "This is the Year" Royals.  I don't mean that in a bad way, but for the past few years the Royals have been the trendy pick only to wind up short.  If they do make the playoffs, I hope they wear the powder blue away unis for all of the away games.

The weekend also quieted much of the talk of the White Sox being contenders and any of that talk of "should they make a trade?" It's too bad.  The White Sox managed to draw pretty well over the series, almost 77K.  Sure the weather cooperated and there were events all three days, mullet night, father daughter day and family day.  The promo nights are great, but drawing for a series versus the Royals is going to be a tough sell.  Too bad the fans who made it one of the better weekends for attendance had to watch such crappy team.

Best Offensive Performance, Game: Paul Konerko Game 2

While the rest of the team took the day off, the captain went 3-4, with a home run providing the only score for the White Sox.

Best Offensive Performance, Series: Adam Eaton

It was not a good weekend for most of the offense, but Eaton had a good series, especially the opening night.  On Friday he went two for two, with three walks.  Considering that he only has 19 walks for the season, a three walk game is extraordinary.  He managed a hit in the second game and three on Sunday, including a triple.  I would love to see him walk even more, but at least he was on base, too bad no one else seemed to be.

Best Starting Pitcher: No One

The starting pitching for this series was just awful.   Noesi was more of a victim of bad fielding than the other two (Quintana and Rienzo) but he still only lasted 3.2 innings.  The offense was behind almost out of the gate in every game.  Hard to win that way.

Best Reliever: Javy Guerra

Other than Scott Carroll, Guerra had the longest relief outing of the bullpen.  The rest of the relief appearances were pretty short and some times disastrous.  Guerra relieved Noesi for 2.1 innings and only gave up two hits and no additional runs.

Worst Offensive Performance: Tyler Flowers

T-Flow only played two games and I'm sure he was glad to have the day off.  In two games, 0 for 7 with 6 SIX! strikeouts.  That is about as bad as it gets.

Worst Pitching Performance: Anthony Rienzo

Seeing how bad the starting pitching was so bad, it seems only fitting that one of the three should be the Worst Pitcher.  Rienzo gave up all of the KC runs, with four walks and two home runs for good measure.  Ka-boom.

Worst Defensive Play: Dayan Viciedo Game 2 (with assist from Alexei Ramirez)

On a high pop up to shallow left center, Alexei Ramirez pointed at the ball in an attempt, I'm assuming, to help the outfield spot the ball.  Viciedo couldn't make the play and a run was driven in.  It was probably Viciedo's ball, but it had such hang time that Ramirez seemed to have the better chance at making the catch.  It was ruled a single, but it was just further evidence that the White Sox defense is terrible.

Having said all that: The best of the best part of the weekend was the annual Father-Daughter Day on Saturday.  My daughter and I have attended at least four of these events.  It is such a great time.  We get to walk on the field before the game (and the featured imaged of this post), go play on the Fundamentals Deck (though she is less and less into that each year) and eat a lot, especially cotton candy.  Can't imagine a better day, even with the 9-1 score.


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