Series 21 White Sox v. Tigers: I'd be Happier, But

Series 21 White Sox v. Tigers: I'd be Happier, But

I was happy about taking two out of three from the Tigers, until this past weekend, but more on that later.  I'll get to ranting in the next post.  Now a minor celebration of a good series that just doesn't feel so good.

Best Offensive Peformance, Game: Jose Abreu Game 2

Getting a home run off of Justin Verlander might not mean as much as it once did, but seeing the White Sox take it to him was nice nonetheless.  Abreu led that charge, not only with the home run, but two additional hits and a walk.

Best Offensive Series: Jose Abreu

Even with an o for 4 game, Abreu did the most offensively for the White Sox against Detroit.  While a couple of other players had five hits, two of Abreu's hits were home runs.

Best Starting Pitcher:  Chris Sale

Sale pitched seven innings, only gave up a run on five hits and struck out 10.  I know we are beyond wins as an important stat, but just in case you weren't clear, Hector Neoesi pitched 5.2 innings gave up 4 runs on seven hits with 5 strike outs and got the win.  Now, who pitched better?

Best Relief Pitcher: Javy Guerra

Quite a few of the guys had a good game within the series, but I guess I've been listening to Ed Farmer too long.  Whenever a guy comes in with a big lead, especially when they blow it, he talks about how hard that is on a reliever, basically to come in and pitch garbage time.  If it is that tough, then Guerra did a good job; 2 innings pitched, no runs, 3 hits, one walk, one strike out.

Worst Offensive Performance: Dayan Viciedo

The big fella did not have his beset series, 0 for 10, with only two walks.  I could have gone with Tyler Flowers and his o'fer performance, but at least he was only in two games.  This is going to be a very difficult category to do for the next series :-(

Worst Pitching Performance: Hector Noesi

Yep, a little foreshadowing! Hector did not have the best game and no one in the bullpen was awful for more than one game.  Hector, not only gave up seven hits, three of them were home runs.  His luck ran out this weekend.

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