Series 19 White Sox v. Dodgers: California Dreamin'

Series 19 White Sox v. Dodgers: California Dreamin'

Ok, nice way to start this swing out west!  Taking two out of three from the Dodgers even if they are a bit of sleeping giant right now is pretty good.  I like the late starts as well.  I get a chance to watch quite a bit of the games.  Dad stuff, couple TV time, puts a crimp in games played in the central and eastern time zone.

Overall, the White Sox looked pretty good, the Kershaw game notwithstanding.  Three errors giving up five unearned runs is not going to win many ball games.  After that though, the White Sox pulled it together nicely, especially John Danks.  While the offense wasn't off the charts, it was enough to win and that is the most important thing.  Hero and Devil time:

Best Offensive Game: Leury Garcia

The easy pick would have been Abreu in game 2, but Garcia in game 3 had a similar line as Abreu, minus the strikeout.  If strikeout to walk is an important ratio, the tip goes to Leury.

Best Offensive Series: Jose Abreu

Good to see the big man back in the line up.  Two home runs, a double and a single with 11 total bases.

Best Starting Pitcher:  John Danks

Danks had a great day, pitching 7.1 innings and only giving up 2 hits and striking out 5.  The three walks aren't great, but whatever he still pitched well.  A little odd thing about Danks that the Boers and Bernstein show pointed out, Danks believes that his velocity is up, when in fact, it has been down all year.  Again whatever, if it's making him feel more confident, I'm all for it.

Best Relief Pitcher:  Ronald Belisario

If only Ronald could pitch against the Dodgers all the time! Nothing like a guy with a chip on his shoulder to come in, guns a-blazing.  In his two saves, Belisario looked better than he has all year for White Sox.  He didn't give up a hit, was hitting high velocities on the radar gun and just looked nasty.

Worst Offensive Series: Adam Eaton

Eaton has just been painful to watch these past few series.  This time he did manage an extra base hit, a double, but that was pretty much it, in 12 at bats.  He did manage a walk in game 2 as well, but from a lead-off guy more on-base percentage would be a very welcome thing.  If things don't improve, we might just have to rename this award the Eaton.

Worst Pitching Performance:  White Sox Defense

Jose Quintana did not pitch that poorly, but two fielding errors in one half inning pretty much opened the door to a five run sixth inning.  This is as good a place as any to mention that the White Sox haven't been that strong defensively all season and of late they have looked just plain bad.  If they want to continue on this upward trend they need to start catching and throwing the ball much, much better.

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