Series 9: White Sox v. Tigers First Sweep

Series 9: White Sox v. Tigers First Sweep

I'm kind of shocked that it took this long.  Spare me Hawk's new catch phrase, "our kids don't quit!" as the reason for it, but it took until the last series of the month, a quick two gamer for the White Sox to be swept.  This team has played a little better than 2013, but more on that in another post.  They even looked pretty good against Verlander, well as good as a team can look.  Against Sherzer, on the other hand? It just wasn't the White Sox day.  Assessing a sweep is a bit tough, especially when the team didn't look particularly bad.  A two game series is tough to assess too, because there just isn't a lot of action to take into account.

Best Offensive Performance, Single Game: Adam Dunn

I could have gone with Dayan Viciedo in game two of the series, seeing how he was the only White Sox who had a multi-hit game in the entire series.  I went with Dunn because, while he had only one hit, he did walk twice and didn't strike out, which is kind of amazing.  Also, though his hit didn't reflect it, Dunn has been trying to beat the shift more often this year than in previous seasons.

Best Offensive Performance, Series: Gordon Beckham

Gordon managed to get a hit in each game, and maybe it's a sign he is getting his timing up to major league snuff.  Honestly, coming up with this player was a bit of challenge.  Nobody had a great series, and no one had more than two hits, total in the series.

Best Pitching Performance, Starter: Jose Quintana

Quintana pitched pretty well in the first game, giving up three and striking out ten.  He didn't walk anyone either, the bane of White Sox pitching thus far this season.  Unfortunately the offense, averaging over 5 runs a game, was facing Verlander.

Best Pitching Performance, Reliever:  Jake Petricka

Petricka pitched really well in the series, appearing in both games.  He pitched 1 and 2.1 innings respectively, had three strike outs, no runs given up and only one walk.  Another piece of the bullpen coming together is a relief (ha!)

Worst Offensive Performance, Single Game: Marcus Semien

In the second game, Semien went o for 4, with one strike out and three left on base.  Honestly, a lot of the guys qualified for this, but giving the edge to Semien in this case was that in the second game, he didn't have any positive outcomes, unlike the other contenders.

Worst Offensive Performance, Series: Alejandro De Aza

In eight plate appearances, one hit, one walk, three strikeouts.  Again, a lot of guys could fit in here, but the three strike outs is the tipper, especially when he needs to be a bit more of a discipline guy, because he isn't a power guy.

Worst Pitching Performance: Hector Noesi

Noesi was cruising along for the first three innings, then the wheels fell right off.  Four runs from five hits in 2/3 of an inning.  Amazingly, that start brought all of his numbers down from his first start.

Worst Defensive Performance: Dayan Viciedo

Watching Viciedo play right field is down right frightening.  His 3 base error in the top of the ninth cost the White Sox the game.  The beautiful bunt Bryan Holaday may have brought in the run, but if it wasn't for Viciedo's horrible play the runner isn't on third.  Adding insult to injury, that was Viciedo's fourth error of the season.  He is tied with Marcus Semien for team lead, as an outfielder.  That ain't good.

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