Series 16 White Sox v. Yankees: So Long Captain!

Series 16 White Sox v. Yankees: So Long Captain!

121,323 not a bad weekend for the White Sox, not bad at all.  39,142 on Sunday was the largest crowd of the year.  Never underestimate the power of the Yankees to draw well.  Derek Jeter helped as well, one of the few times I've been to the ballpark and actually had to wait in line at the rest room.  Another rare occurrence: souvenirs were being sold to commemorate Jeter's farewell tour, like a rock band or something.

It was great getting to the Cell with just the boy.  We had a good time, he had a friend from little league to pal around with, so we got to stay a little longer than usual.  Of course we still missed Dunn's walk off home run.  My son's reaction the next morning, however, pretty much made it worth it.  At first he cheered, then thought about it, then realized we could have been there.  I got a feeling we'll be able to stay until the end game next time.

That was the second win by the White Sox of the series, and they wouldn't get anymore, making a promising start turn into a disappointing finish.  I could also describe my feelings about Beggar's Pizza the same way.  I enjoy the first bite or two, but by the time I finish the slice it is a disappointment overall.   The best and worst against the Yankees:

Best Offensive Performance, Game:  Alexei Ramirez

I know I tend to go for the dramatic, but in the same game that Adam Dunn had the walk-off, Alexei also had a home run to go along with two more hits.

Best Offensive Performance, Series: Adam Eaton

Eaton is finally showing signs of life after his DL stint and he was pretty good against the Yankees, 0 for 4 in the final game not withstanding.  Overall he went 8 for 18 with two stolen bases.  I really wish he, along with many others in this line up would walk more often, but I think at this point of their career that is wishful thinking.

Best Pitching Performance, Starter: Chris Sale

This could very easily be John Danks, but it was so nice to Sale pitching again, and pitching very well no less, that he gets the nod.  Ten strike outs in 6 innings and only giving up one hit also doesn't hurt in the judging.

Best Pitching Performance, Reliever: Daniel Webb

Not the best weekend for the bullpen, a couple of blown saves and issuing six walks, though they have given up more walks than that in a single game.  It just seemed like they always gave up the walks at the worst possible time, driving Hawk further insane.  for his part, Webb didn't give up a hit in the two White Sox wins of the series, only allowed one walk and recorded a strikeout.  Perhaps he'll be the next closer?

Best Play: Adam Eaton

In the second inning of Sunday's game, Adam Eaton made a fantastic play on an Ellsbury fly ball and almost got a double play at first base.  The play was reviewed and the ruling on the field was upheld.  Even so, very good catch and heads up play by Eaton to try and get the force at first.

Worst Offensive Performance: Alejandro De Aza

Alejandro's name has been popping up in this spot a lot this season.  Avisail Garcia's injury pretty much has pressed De Aza into a full-time slot and no one seems able to rise above his .175/.239/.281 line.  For all of the talk of the improved farm system, it's sad that De Aza is the best outfield option the White Sox have.  Oh, yeah against the Yankees, 1 for 11 with 5 strikeouts and a walk.

Worst Pitching Performance: Ronald Belisario

The newly anointed closer did not look particularly good in his appearances during the series and his 3 run ninth inning to allow the Yankees to come back and eventually win was particularly annoying.


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