Series 14 White Sox v. Astros: At Least the Astros' Uniforms Are Nice

Series 14 White Sox v. Astros: At Least the Astros' Uniforms Are Nice
Snazzy No?

I got home from a family function a bit after the White Sox game had started.  I was looking forward to tuning in, catching up and lazily watch the game for the better part of my Sunday afternoon.  I turned on the television and immediately had a flashback to 2013: third inning, 6-1 Astros.  Now, I know Hawk likes to say our kids don't quit, but 6-1 is a bit much, especially after seeing a couple of the homer highlights for Houston, it didn't look like John Danks had it (he didn't) and even for our plucky band of youngsters, 6-1 might be a tough trick.  It was made even tougher considering Jose Abreu was out.  With a heart of the order consisting of Konerko, Dunn and Viciedo, 2013 was all too close.  I kept the game on, but did more chores than I had planned.  At least there is that.  Oh, and I'm serious about those Astro uniforms.  Not the alternates with navy shirts and hats, but the home whites with orange caps.  You know what they say, orange in the new…oh never mind.  On to the diamond heroes and despicable devils:

Best Offensive Performance, Single Game: Adam Dunn

Could have gone with Adrian Nieto and his 3 for 3 performance in the Sunday finale, but Dunn had a little more production between those two hits. Nieto did provide all of the offense of the final game, so really is a toss-up of best of the worst over the weekend.

Best Offensive Series: Connor Gillaspie

The kid is doing his best Joe Dimaggio impression by getting a hit in every game of the series for two series in a row.  He also managed to drive in two and score a run as well.  He even had a walk.  I'm pretty sure a correction is going to happen.  Consider Connor currently has a .386 BAbip.

Best Pitching Performance, Starter: Jose Quintana

Quintana wasn't what one would call dominating, but compared to the other starters, he was the best of the trio.  Seven hits, two runs, both earned five strike outs along with two walks, like I said not dominate, but good enough.

Best Pitching Performance, Reliever: Daniel Webb

As I'm working on these summaries of each series, tweaks and changes keep coming to mind.  In the case of the reliever "best" it is going to be looking more at the whole series.  Basically for a reliever to be considered "best" he needs to appear in more than one game, unless absolutely extraordinary, maybe a certain amount of innings in relief or a particularly amazing one game performance, say like El Duque in the 2005 playoffs.

Daniel Webb pitched in two games for a combined three innings and only gave up one hit in all of his time.  He did give up three walks in those two games, which I just hate to see in a reliever, but he didn't give up any runs and had four strikeouts.  A pretty good weekend for young Webb.

Best Defensive Play: Moises Sierra

In the first inning of the second game, Sierra made a great diving catch on a bloop fly from Marwin Gonzalez.  It basically was the only defensive play featured by the White Sox for all three days.

Worst Offensive Series: Jose Abreu

Really, Jose was playing on a bum ankle and this is kind of a "worst impact on the offense" category.  After going 0 for 7 in Houston, the White Sox decided to treat his injury with a stint on the DL.  I kind of  think the White Sox have been a little slow on the draw when it comes to the DL.  I don't see the White Sox catching up/Detroit falling back far enough for them to make the playoffs, so when it comes to young core players, a better rotation-rest schedule seems to be in order.  Now, they are pressed into using Konerko, whereas maybe giving him two to three starts a week would keep Abreu and Dunn fresh.

Worst Pitching Performance:  John Danks

It feels like Danks' name has been popping up a lot on this category.  Noesi wasn't exactly Cy Young.  Danks however was giving up home runs of the epic nature.  Hitting a ball out of any stadium, besides Wrigley (and even that is still kind of cool) is just amazing.  Oh, Danks' day?  4.2 IP, 10 hits, 8 runs, 7 earned 3 walks and three satellites launched.

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