Series 12 White Sox v. Diamondbacks: I Was Hoping For More

Series 12 White Sox v. Diamondbacks: I Was Hoping For More
I kind of liked the pink hats

Great to get to my second game of the season, even greater to get to it with my kids.  I'll write more about that later, mainly because the pace is killing me right now.  In my civilian life, things don't get much crazier than the past week and this week.  I get busy at other times, but this is the crescendo, the wave crashing into to the beach.  I get a little calmer by the end of May, but trying to keep on the blog, especially at my normal time of writing, after everyone has gone to bed, is really difficult.  I just want to veg out, maybe play a little Halo and call it a night.  I've been rolling pretty well though with the series summaries, so I want to stick with it.  It's kind of my nature, to stick with something.

Anyway, enough of my tale of woe, the White Sox have enough woe for all of us.  The Diamondbacks pretty much suck.  After Friday's game, I was looking forward to a series win.  It looked so good.  Then the weekend came and the White Sox decided to take the weekend off.  Friday was fun to watch, no doubt; the other two games? not so much.  On to the Heroes and Goats!

Best Offensive Performance, Single Game:  Alexei Ramirez

A tough choice between the other Cuban, Jose Abreu, but the nod goes with Alexei and his grand slam.  Admittedly, being at the game made it a lot of fun.  Alexei did have one more base too, an interesting night of a homer and a triple as the two hits he collected.

Best Offensive Performance, Series: Gordon Beckham

Two series in a row for Gordon!  Not a lot of power on display this time, but he did manage at least one hit in each game.  He also hit lead off for the Saturday game.  I'm not sure I understand why Ventura did that.  Beckham isn't what I would consider a high on base kind of guy, doesn't create steal situations when he is on base nor has he demonstrated anything like being a good baserunner.  However, Beckham was pretty consistent over the three games, something that can't be said for most of the offensive players.

Best Starting Pitching Performance:  Jose Quintana

All three starters had similar lines, between 5 and 6 innings pitched 7 or 8 hits or in Rienzo's case only 4 hits but 2 walks so he was letting people on base at the same rate as the other two.  I gave the nod to Quintana however, because he had five strike outs and only one walk.

Best Relief Pitching Performance: Zach Putnam

Putnam came in after Rienzo gave up back to back walks in the sixth.  Putnam came in, struck out Martin Prado to end the inning and end the threat.  He also pitched a scoreless seventh.

Best Defensive Play: Alejandro De Aza and Alexei Ramirez

Chris Owings crushed a ball to deep right-center, a sure double but Owings decided to go for three.  De Aza fielded the ball cleanly hit he cut-off man, Ramirez who fired a bullet to third and got the out.  I'm a sucker for good fundamental baseball plays like that.

Worst Offensive Performance, Series: Adam Dunn

The big 0'fer for the Big Donkey.  No hits, but worse yet no walks and five strikeouts.  Just a bad weekend for Dunn.  Maybe all that first base play threw him off.

Worst Pitching Performance: Frank Francisco

I wouldn't call it a meltdown, but Francisco did give up two runs on a 9th inning home run that pretty much salted the game away for the Diamondbacks.

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