Series 11 White Sox v. Cubs: Classic

Series 11 White Sox v. Cubs: Classic

The White Sox took three of four from the Evil Chicago Cubs.  My life is validated.  I am whole.  I can lord this thrilling victory of the Crosstown Cub over two thirds of the Chicago baseball loving public.  My White Sox Fan brethren and I an proudly jut our collective jar out to the world and say, we reign in Chicago.

Or perhaps it really isn't that big of a deal.  Most of the media coverage centered around the Blackhawks and the NFL Draft, which is where the interest lies, though the latter is truly lost on me; kind of like Sex in the City.  Other than collecting three wins, there wasn't much to these games, besides the first.  That game went to extras and was won in dramatic fashion.  Also the weather knocked Hawk out for a game, so that was a bonus.  The other two White Sox wins were kind of like eating Taco Bell, tasty but empty calories that one will probably regret later.  The White Sox loss?  meh.  It was very pretty and it continued a trend of four hour 9 inning games.  Come on guys, pick up the pace.  Oh, and technically I suppose this should be series 11 and 12, but it was the CUP!! Yeah, that is never going to catch on.  To the roll of Heroes and Villains!

Best Offensive Performance, Single Game: Gordon Beckham

7 total bases, 4 for 5 with a home run.  Just a great night for Gordo.  We won't mention that pick off.

Best Offensive Performance, Series: Gordon Beckham

Going with the double dip this time.  Beckham had a hit in each game, including his great game in night two.  All tolled, two home runs, .368 BA of for the series, .400 OBP, raising his slash line from .167/.222/.214 to .236/.288/.382 for the season.  The Cubs were good to Gordon.

Best Pitching Performance, Starter:  Hector Noesi

Yeah, I know don't get too excited.  Hector did pretty well though against the punchless Cubs.  Five innings pitched, only 1 run, one walk and six strike outs.  Nice little bounce back.  Now let's see what he can do against a MLB line-up.

Best Pitching Performance, Reliever: Scott Downs

Downs pitched in three of the four games, only giving up one hit the entire time and no runs.  His two walks were balanced out by 5 strikeouts.  It's nice to see this off season pick up starting to pay dividends.

Best Defensive Play:  Alexei Rodrigez 

Game three, Alexei makes a catch in shallow left that he had no business making.  Even better, he made a great throw to first base and doubled up Starlin Castro to complete the double play.

Worst Pitching Performance: Scott Carroll

Probably for the best his parents weren't on hand for this one.  Over four innings, Carroll gave up eleven hits, 6 runs, all earned.  It was kind of inevitable that some of the shine was going to come of this star.

Worst Batting Performance, Series: Dayan Viciedo

Pretty much just a bad stretch of games for Viciedo, however 5 strike outs in 23 at bats, seems a bit high for the sample size.  Only two hits for no extra bases also isn't what we want to see from the adventurous outfielder.

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