Series 6: White Sox v. Rangers: Texas Misstep

Well at least they finished with a bang.  In the greatest book about being a sports fan, Fever Pitch, Nick Hornby posed the rhetorical question, doesn't it get boring when your team wins in a dominating fashion?  His answer was no.  Hornby even recalled a game where Arsenal one 5-0, and each goal was just as enjoyable as the next.

Much like Hornby, I enjoy a good blowout.  I didn't get a chance to watch much of the games this weekend, but I listened to Sunday's game for a fair amount.  By the time I was cleaning up after Easter dinner, the White Sox were already up 9-2.  I then got to hear them tack on seven more runs in the ninth inning.  I wasn't bored at all.  The preceding two games were missed, but I didn't regret that, especially the Paulino start.  I'm not sorry to hear that he's gone on the DL, but it has the feel of a "cover our butts" move than anything else.  It also sheds some light on Ventura's choice of using a position player to pitch in the 14th inning of the Red Sox game.  I do however, think Ventura mismanaged the bullpen in that game regardless and his future pitching decisions deserve greater scrutiny than they have received in the past.  On to another depressing, series loss wrap-up:

Best Offensive Performance, Game:  Marcus Semien

There were quite a few candidates from the Sunday pasting of the Rangers, but Semien was really in need of a big day.  Seeing how the White Sox are thin on infielders Semien is going to be around for the foreseeable future.  I'd rather he'd be hitting.

Best Offensive Performance, Series: Dayan Viciedo

Quite frankly, no one had a good first game.  The White Sox only managed three hits in game one.  Viciedo recovered nicely however, collecting 5 hits in 8 at bats over the next two games.  He also had a home run and scored 3 runs.  Jose Abreu's stats pretty much mirror Viciedo's, but he did have more strikeouts.

Best Pitching Performance: Jake Petricka

I'm loathe to give a best pitching performance in a losing cause, but I'm more loathe, loather? to give it to somebody who gave up 5 walks, gaining the win be damned.  Petricka managed to pitch three innings on Saturday, only giving up a run and more importantly, giving the bullpen a much needed break.

Best Defensive Play: Marcus Semien

In the first game, while playing third base, Semien made a fantastic stop to end the inning and keep the game at 2-0.  Too bad it was only the second inning.

Worst Pitching Performance: Felipe Paulino

DL be damned.  Now, let's hope my faith in Rienzo is justified.

Worst Offensive Performance, Single Game: Adam Dunn

In the 16-2 blowout, the designated hitter went 0-6 with two strikeouts and leaving 3 on base.  Not a good day at the office.

Worst Offensive Performance, Series: Alejandro De Aza

De Aza has been having a tough April.  In ten at bats in Texas, Alejandro got one hit.  Poor guy was even getting the night off until Adam Eaton got hurt.  De Aza went 0 for 2 in relief.

So not a good start to the road trip, all things considered.  But a 16-2 win is still a good time.

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