White Sox Player Previews: Mitchell Boggs

White Sox Player Previews: Mitchell Boggs

I have to admit, this is a bit of a guess on my part.  By the look of things, Mitchell Boggs will get one of the bullpen spots, but I'm not entirely sure.  I also figure that the White Sox will break camp with twelve pitchers, five starters and seven relievers.  After Boggs, who is my sixth preview, I'll be taking my best educated guess tomorrow.

Looking over Boggs career up unto this point, he began as a starter but after two years was moved to the bullpen where he was successful as a set up man.  Last year, however, the wheels fell off.  Boggs was given a chance to close out games and it did not go well.  Eventually he was sent to the minors and then traded to Colorado.  Overall last year he appeared in only 27 games at the major league level in 2013.

This looks like a job for Cooper-Man!  This is a White Sox move out of the Kenny Williams playbook, buy low ($1.1M) and hope that Don Cooper can fix it.  I have faith in Cooper and love his appearances on radio so I'm cautiously optimistic that he can help Boggs figure it out.  Boggs is only 30 after all with no history of serious injury. I wonder if he was a bit overused in 2012.  He appeared in 78 games that year and for a reliever, at least compared to the other arms I've looked at, is a bit high.   Perhaps, and I'm just guessing here, trying to convert him to closer wasn't just a bad idea, but affected his mechanics and the like.  The pressure may have gotten to Boggs, but as a result maybe something was physically altered and he just hasn't been able to get back on track.  Here's hoping the Pitch-Whisperer can sort him out and get Mitchell Boggs back to 2012 form.

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