White Sox Round Up: February 21 Edition

White Sox Round Up: February 21 Edition

First concession on the 2014 goals: I know I said I wanted to share blog posts about the White Sox and steer clear of big media outlets.  Quite frankly, that isn't going to work, or at least it would make for really short weekly posts.  Granted, it is just the beginning of spring training, but the amount of writing on the White Sox is limited to say the least.  When searching around the internet for White Sox blogs, I hit at least four dead links.  When I looked at a couple of sites that do the same sort of thing, collecting the news and rumors about the Sox, the amount of repeat sources was astounding.  So, don't be surprised if a few stories and columns from the Tribune and Sun-Times pop up on this page.  To a quote Gertrude Stein with regards to the White Sox internet presence, "there's no there there."

First up: an older piece that you might have looked at from Marc Hulet on Fangraphs, ranking the top 10 prospects in the White Sox farm system.   Especially with spring training in full swing, it makes for a nice primer.

Batting Second: Staying with spring training, Matthew Smith over at Bleacher Report  gives a good analysis of what is facing Robin Ventura this coming year.  It may make you wonder if that contract extension was a good idea.

Third and Fourth:  While there isn't a lot of material on the the web regarding the White Sox, the folks over at Grab Some Bench offer up some interesting stuff.  I particularly like Zach Gropper's piece about arbitration.  I'll admit it, I still get confused by the whole process.

Fifth: A neat post I came across focuses on White Sox baseball cards while also examining other aspects of the team and season.  The most recent post about familiar players changing teams particularly resonated with me.  Good stuff from Steve Gierman. (though we made need to investigate further the "Harold for the Hall of Fame" tab I saw.)

Sixth: My fellow ChicagoNow blogger, Matt Cassidy who does Future Sox gave his blog over to White Sox prospect Scott Carroll to share his story about going through Tommy John surgery. Probably the most interesting read I had all week regarding White Sox news.

Seventh: The folks over at MLB have MLBBlogs and I think it is Scott Reifert writes it, but they had a nice pictures and random observations piece about camp.

Eighth:  If there is a dominant White Sox fan internet presence, I would say it is South Side Sox.  A part of SB Nation, I see Jim Margalus pop up quite a bit over the course of the season.  His story about Chris Sale becoming known as the Condor is a good bit of fun.

And finally:  A story about Paul Konerko and his final spring training.  I can't seem to put a finger on it, but is there someone else retiring this year too?

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