A Little Advice for the Lonely White Sox Fan

A Little Advice for the Lonely White Sox Fan

It would be easy to offer advice to Rick Hahn and the management of the White Sox, but let's face it, that is kind of pointless and I hope they know more about baseball management than I do.  Also, I kind of find those "how to fix X team" posts kind of annoying and usually wrong, either unrealistic or overly reliant on sabermetrics.  Teams don't engage in extremely unbalanced trades, especially with the White Sox, and as much as constructing a team according to a plan is appealing, there is, much to the chagrin statheads, a human element to a team.  No, my advice is to the only people that I'm even marginally qualified to advise, my fellow fans.  Just like with any advice I give, take it or leave it and probably with a certain amount of salt.  So here are just a few ideas going forward for White Sox fans and how to enjoy what looks to be a bumpy 2014...and beyond.

With only a few games left in the season, my first bit of advice is get to the ball park because after September 29th, no more baseball in Chicago until April.  I would really encourage you to get to the final game of the season and say good bye to Paul Konerko.  Even if he doesn't retire, my guess is that he will be playing his last game in a White Sox uniform on Sunday.

Speaking of the end of the season, the White Sox still have a shot at 100 losses.  I know, I know I'm not supposed to cheer for such things, but 99 is just a crappy year, 100 losses is historic.  The White Sox haven't been this bad, this historically bad since 1970.  Think about that, let it roll around in your brain for a moment.  If the White Sox pull this off, and do it with the same consistency, the next time this happens is 2053.  I should fess up a little here, by training I'm an historian.  No really, Ph. D. and everything.  I love the White Sox, but I can't turn my back on history.  It goes against all my Jedi training.

The next bit of advice I've got is, and I can't believe I'm saying this, go to Sox Fest.  Look, fests aren't really my thing, except for Phish festivals but that is a different story.  having said that, if you are really jones-ing for a White Sox fix come January they seem to do a pretty good job.  I wouldn't expect too much in the "big splash" department like years past, but you'll get a chance to wear your Sox gear, be among your fellow fanatics and be reminded the season is only 4 months away.

Lastly, looking toward 2014, don't expect too much.  The White Sox are definitely have begun an austerity campaign.  They are going with youth, shedding payroll and I can't imagine they will be spending much on free agents, and really why would they? I don't want to see spending for spendings sake and they can't remake this team with a couple of signings.  So, enjoy the sparse crowds (I actually mean that) revel in baseball for baseball's sake and who knows, maybe the White Sox will only lose 85 next year.

NB: this was part of a blog workshop/challenge/writing exercise thingy.  I'll explain more in another blog post, but this was a lot of fun.

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