The 10 Biggest Disappointments in Chicago Baseball.

This year has been quite the disappointment for White Sox fans, but not a crushing disappointment, that feeling of, “how could they not make the playoffs or win a world series, or go on a championship run?” The prompt for this list (credit where credit is due) comes from Boers and Bernstein when they recounted how they asked Mike Ditka why the 1980s era Bears didn’t win more.  Being a baseball guy, I immediately thought of the 2006 White Sox.  Giving more thought to this, those Sox don’t top this list, or even come close.  Some of these teams made it to the playoffs (in later years) some even made it to the World Series, but sometimes just making it isn’t enough, when you are good, you win, no exceptions.  Think this year’s Blackhawks.  If they don’t finish the job, wouldn’t this season feel like an enormous let down? I think that it would.  I think the same feeling hit fans with these teams of yesteryear.  At some point everyone probably wondered, “why didn't you win!?!”  So, without further ado, the 10 biggest disappointments in Chicago baseball!


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