White Sox Trading Deadline Moves. Peavy to the Carmines! (More to Come)

White Sox Trading Deadline Moves. Peavy to the Carmines! (More to Come)

So I’m back from vacation, had a blast in the lovely state of Maine.  I didn’t quite keep up with what the White Sox were doing.  My phone still was receiving breaking news about the team, whether they won or lost or any breaking news.  On the latter, not much came across the wire.  It wasn’t until I was home and relaxing with the kids one last day before returning to work.  The massive Jesse Crain deal was announced Monday night.  If you are scoring at home, that is two aging relievers traded for one known prospect and “future considerations.”  I saw on a chat with Chicago baseball reporter, Bruce Levine that basically it is a complicated deal in which, based on how Crain performs for the Rays, the prospect the White Sox get in return changes; performs like he did before his injury, they could be in line for a really good player, performs poorly or get injured again, they are getting grade D talent in return…

And the above paragraph was really building to a nice post.  Now, according to multiple sources, Jake Peavy is on his way to Boston in a pretty big three-way trade between the Red Sox, Detroit and the White Sox.  Looks like the Carmines get Peavy, the Tigers get a short stop with the impending suspension of Jhonny Peralta and the White Sox get as my twiend Cee Angi puts it another toolsy outfielder.

I’m not as down as Cee is about picking up another outfielder, especially one as young and seemingly talented as Avisail Garcia.  No, I don’t really care that his nickname is Miggy Jr., but thanks for that nugget Chuck Garfien!  Garcia is twenty-two and the White Sox did just get Jacobs from the Thornton trade, it isn’t like the White Sox are stocked at any position in the minor leagues and it isn’t like the current outfield shouldn’t be up for some good old fashioned competition.  Seriously, would it be a tragedy if Alejandro De Aza had to fight off a kid for his job in the next year or so?  I would have loved to see the White Sox add some much needed depth elsewhere, but when you are in the desert any drink looks good.

It is getting late, so an addendum will likely be needed to this post.  Also, the pending physical could derail the whole thing, but I doubt that will happen.  By tomorrow Garcia should move high into the rankings of White Sox prospects, much like Jacobs did the moment he came over to Chicago.  I was getting so ready to be disappointed too.

And the first addendum:  Looks like there will be more prospects coming! I’ll be busy at work tomorrow with the baseball-reference page!

Second addendum 7/31/13:  No sense re-rinsing the wash, Dan Santaromita does a great job breaking down the other parts of the trade, the three pitching arms that came along with this trade.  Check Dan out at Future Sox.  As far as the long duree of all this:  I really like that none of the guys coming back are over the age of 25, three of which are 20 or younger.  Will any of them pan out? I honestly have no idea, and really neither does any one else.  I like that the three youngest guys are pitchers.  The White Sox organization hasn't been highly rated in much, but they are quite competent developing young capable arms.  They might not be all-stars, but the Sox bring up guys who can pitch well enough at the major league level.

I do feel like the picture is getting a little clearer too, kind of like bringing binoculars into focus.  I wish Hahn would let us behind the curtain a little more, but he made a big move, got a decent return and moved a big chunk of money.  What will today bring? I hope a little more, this is fun.  If not, I can't say it wasn't a productive trade season.

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