White Sox at the Trading Deadline. Any Takers?

White Sox at the Trading Deadline. Any Takers?

When I say possible, not probable it is on both ends of the spectrum.  There are guys who could be traded, but realistically finding a partner for a marginal talent is a tough trick to pull off.  Then there are guys who could be traded, but the price that the White Sox should be asking is going to be very high so it makes a trade highly unlikely.  If you’ve ever played FIFA on the Xbox, it’s kind of like putting guys on the transfer list and practically begging someone to take your left-overs.

Gordon Beckham.  Beckham is a great example of how hard baseball really is.  When he burst on the scene in 2009 the future seemed super bright.  He garnered some rookie of the year awards, made a great transition to second base and was poised with that magnificent hair to become a media and advertising darling.  As White Sox fans we’ve been waiting ever since for that future to come along.  Making it all the more frustrating is that there will be flashes, stretches of strong play, but eventually Beckham comes to rest at some mediocre level.  He’ll have a job in baseball for a while, probably with the White Sox because who needs an ok glove with a less than ok bat?  The return would probably be less than what the White Sox got for Matt Thornton.  I can’t see a team sending a young, talented if a bit of a gamble player over for Beckham at this point.

Tyler Flowers.  I really don’t see him moving anywhere.  If a team is in need of a backup catcher, they aren’t going to go out and get someone from another team they will just dip into their own system and hope for the best.  If he goes, it will probably be as a throw in to a larger deal.

Conor Gillaspie and Jeff Keppinger.  They really are the same guy, perhaps separated at birth light hitting, marginal infielders.  Gillaspie is at least a little younger, so that might or might not make him more attractive to a trade partner.  I also doubt Rick Hahn is ready to give up on his big signing from the last off-season.  Either way, I can’t see much coming back if either guy was traded.  In both cases C+ prospects would be close to a steal, but more than likely they stay put or they get moved for cash or a player to be named later.

Alejandro De Aza. Let’s see, he’s not particularly fast, nor very good at stealing bases, doesn’t get on base very well and has little to no arm in the outfield.  Yes the world will be beating down the door for Alajandro.

Dayan Viciedo. This is an interesting case.  I think that he is young enough to spark some interest, and also to think about keeping for a little while to trade later.  He also is having a pretty poor season, but he was injured a little bit.  He might be someone that teams will look at in the off-season as more of a project.  Also with the acquisition of Brandon Jacobs, the future for Dayan might have a shorter sell-by date than anyone thought going into 2013.

The Bullpen.  The best prospect for a trade left already.  Addison Reed isn’t in this section, he’s a big ticket item.  The rest, not so much.  Three of the guys are over 30 and Donnie Veal is not quite the young piece of meat he once was.  But bullpen’s are tricky and a team could realistically need an arm that they just don’t have ready in the pipeline, so good bye to Matt Lindstrom or Purcey or…you get the picture.  Nate Jones is a little younger than the rest and might be worth a gamble, but so far he’s proven he can throw hard, not necessarily get guys out on a consistent basis.  I think at least one of the other guys will be gone (if Rick Hahn is moving pieces) but they won’t even get as good a return as the Thornton trade.  Jesse Crain might still be moved as well, but the price went way down after his injury.  I would imagine Mr. Hahn screamed into his pillow when that shoulder went wonky.

The Starters not named Peavy or Sale.  I don’t think any of the starters will be going for a variety of reasons.  One is that Hahn seems to be under the impression that they are a good unit.  Maybe, but on a bad team and how long will it be before these pitchers will be pitching in meaningful games?  Also, if the pitching is good, which I agree it is, that is the most valuable thing the White Sox have to trade, so if you are going to improve the woeful other parts of the team, hell the whole organization, then some of these decent pieces will have to go.  I truly hope Hahn is listening to offers on everybody but I think a decent return could be had for Jose Quintana and Hector Santiago, better than the Thornton trade, not by much, but better.  If one guy goes, a couple of top twenty or so prospects seems reasonable from a given system.  If both guys were to go the math changes a little I think.  A decent prospect and a ready to go pitcher might be needed to fill out the rotation.  I’m guessing teams are a little put off by the contract that Danks has and Dylan Axelrod has been too inconsistent to really fetch much.

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