The Ten Most Memorable Games I've Attended

Thinking about it, I can’t remember the last time I did a list blog post, if ever, especially here at the Chicago Now office.  Writing about the White Sox is quite a chore these days, so why the hell not?  The recent fog game at US Cellular reminded me of a fog game I attended years and years ago with my father and brother at old Cleveland Municipal Stadium.  If memory serves, that game was called because the fog was so thick, or we left because it was delayed so long.  That game was one of my favorite baseball experiences, which of course led me to thinking and invariably this post.  What are the ten most memorable baseball games I’ve ever been to?  While memory is a good thing, thanks to the magic of the internet I can go back and find those exact games.  Considering I’ve been a Cleveland Indians or White Sox fan for my entire life, there won’t be many post season games on this list.  As a matter of fact these games are pretty much only significant to me, but I still think it is fun. It also illustrates one of my favorite tropes about baseball; even the mundane, middle of the week, meaningless game still is great, still has meaning to someone in this case, me.  One quick note, I chose not to include any of the games I worked at Wrigley, these are strictly as a fan.  Also I’m sticking close to home as it were, games and places I’ve traveled to seem a little too easy.  Hmmm, perhaps a few more lists? Wow, these list posts just start multiplying, best concerts, favorite birds… I’d better stop.  So without further ado, in no particular order, the ten greatest baseball games I’ve ever attended.



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