The Five Most Annoying Things Said During Cubs Opening Day Coverage.

The Five Most Annoying Things Said During Cubs Opening Day Coverage.

Yes, I’m a White Sox fan I know that this immediately taints my views and your view of me.  I try not to embrace the hate of many of my fellow White Sox fans, but days like yesterday make it very hard not to feel like a second-class citizen. It makes it almost impossible not to get incredibly annoyed by the tongue bathing carried out by local media on the Cubs.  The small list below is representative of the type of overall smaltzy, over-the-top crap that surrounds the Chicago Cubs making me a White Sox fan after arriving in the city, working at Wrigley Field and eventually run screaming from the place with what little was left of my sanity.  Behold! The five most annoying things said during the Cubs Home Opener media bonanza.

“Holy Day of Obligation” Mary Dixon, WXRT. I get it Opening Day is great, fun, wonderful but please, let’s not compare it to a religious holiday.  The undo reverence to Wrigley Field is annoying enough, it would be nice if the local media could reign it in a little bit; ok reign in it a lot. It’s a baseball game folks, and if the Cubs are involved usually a pretty bad one (at least until 2015!)

“The rain today was Ron Santo’s tears because he was upset he isn’t here.” Terri Hemmert, WXRT. Are you freaking kidding me? If Ronnie was as great a guy as everyone seems to believe, I hope he is enjoying his eternal reward and beyond worrying about the Cubs.  If not, perhaps that Old Cub is in a place we would not want to consider, eternity of watching Cubs baseball.

The Regular Guy Blessing. The Regular Guy, WXRT.  Hey! Let’s pull out every Chicago and Cubs fan stereotype and encapsulate it in a bit from WXRT that should have been retired long ago.  Just wondering, how many folks that talks like the Regular Guy (and there aren’t as many as there once was) listen to WXRT?

“The Rooftop Owners” Various outlets. Every report, recap, and broadcast brought up the current tiff between the Cubs and the pirates that own the roof tops.  I’ve commented on what I think of these negotiations.  The more press these folks get, the self-importance they feel grows and the more justified they become in their insipid cause.  As Jimmy Greenfield put it, “Tom Ricketts needs to tell the roof top owners to go pound sand, publicly.” I may be paraphrasing, but you get the idea.

“Baseball season has officially begun!” NBC 5 10 PM Newscast. Yes, it has, a week ago you dolts.  Chris Sale pitched a marvelous game Tyler Flowers hit a homerun for a wonderful 1-0 win, in the city of Chicago.  The baseball season is a week old, shut up.



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