2013 White Sox Prediction. Just in Time for Opening Day!

2013 White Sox Prediction. Just in Time for Opening Day!

I don’t want to get all sentimental and sappy, but well, it is kind of my way, isn’t it?  It is opening day in baseball once again and like every year I’m excited for the new season.  As a matter of course I don’t give in to slim hopes and fantastical what-may-bes but baseball always makes me look for the good and if only for a short time makes me think, “maybe this year.”  When the season is truly underway and it becomes apparent that my team probably isn’t going to make the post-season, I still love baseball, still love going to the ball park and still watch whenever I can.  It’s funny even when the White Sox are mediocre (the usual state) or bad, I still get to at least twenty games.  It isn’t so much about supporting my team through thick and thin, it’s more about just loving being at the stadium as much as I can.

I like to look at the projections and predictions every year for the White Sox and, admittedly, I do enjoy when the Sox overachieve.  I’m a pretty easy going fan when you get down to it.  I want a competitive team, making things exciting at least until September.  The Sox do a pretty good, if a little frustrating job each year.  I would like to see them make the push to that next level of being a perennial playoff team, but it is hard to complain about a team that wins more than it loses and goes into September with a real chance to win.

As I look at the Sox for 2013, I have the same prediction as I’ve had for many years now they are a .500 team that with a little luck can push to 85 or above wins.  A little bad luck and they go to 76 wins.  Sports Illustrated puts them third in the division, which is as accurate as any prediction.  What I found funny in their forecast was in their “enemy scout” observations.  The scout said the White Sox look to be a .500 team and sees them finishing fourth.  I find that curious because no .500 team has finished fourth in the division fourth place has always gone to sub-.500 team.  Pretty much a .500 team, like most years in the AL Central, is good enough to compete for the division.  Beyond that, well, we’ll worry about that in October.  See you at the ballpark, and GO SOX!!

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