2013 White Sox Opening Day! What is Old is Gone Again.

2013 White Sox Opening Day! What is Old is Gone Again.

Well that was pleasant.  The White Sox won the home opener 1-0 over the Kansas City Royals yesterday and I had the pleasure of being in attendance.  It was cold, but not too bad in the sun, the company was good and hey, baseball is back.

I did find the overwhelming enthusiasm on the post-game show kind of hilarious.  It is one game in a 162 game season folks.  It is not a perfect forecast; we don’t know if this is what Chris Sale will do all year; it is WAY too early start saying the Royals are not worthy of their pre-season hype; and Tyler Flowers needs to do A LOT more before we can say he has effectively replaced AJ Pierzynski.

Even so, it was a good game.  Chris Sale did look really good, seven innings, seven strikeouts no runs and only one walk.  The defense looked good, if a little rusty.  Beckham had one of the best plays of the day.  Offensively…one run isn’t what we’d like to see, but a win is a win.  The big boppers didn’t bop which is, yet again, the barometer of the team. I have a feeling if the White Sox don’t hit a home run, they don’t win the game.  That will be a fun stat to keep track of for a while.  The bullpen was pretty good too, Nate Jones’ little hiccup notwithstanding.

The opening day festivities were quite a good time too.  Bo Jackson throwing out the first pitch was a great choice, an iconic player for both the Sox and Royals, even if his career was cut way too short.  He still looks like he could play, either football or baseball for that matter.  The wonderful “Pirates” video that had been the staple for openings of Sox games has been replaced by a, well, I don’t know.  I couldn’t hear a word of the narration, as far as I could tell there was no point or cohesion to the video clips that were used and before I knew it, “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC was playing and the players were coming out.  I e-mailed Brooks Boyer about it and he confirmed that the majority of the White Sox fans wanted something new, so out with the old. I am decidedly in the minority on that point.

I tried the new Comiskey Style burger and sad to say, was as impressed with it as the new opening video. I got a double as opposed to the triple option, but the amount of meat was not the problem.  The Chitown Pico might have been good, but there was barely any of it on the burger.  Or better said, the bread.  The bun that the sandwich came on was simply overwhelming.  Sadly, like the former video, the better burger options that were served at the Burger Barns last year are no longer available.  Maybe the vendor was mistaken, but as of now the wonderful stuffed burger and pork patty options are gone.

And that is about it for opening day.  It is a lot of fun to have a full house, but I’m ready for my game experience to get back to normal.  A nice small crowd, no waiting for anything; food, souvenirs, bathrooms are all available on a walk-up basis start with game two.  I’m glad when the Sox draw, don’t get me wrong, but being able to lounge about in any seat in the house, within reason of course, on a summer night can’t come quickly enough.

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