Your 2013...Or not. (Preview #17 or do I go back to #1?)

That was a bummer.  I made it more than half way in my goal to post for twenty-five days straight, little did I know I would be in the wilds of Western Illinois, Galena to be exact and without internet access for two days.  I suppose I could have been a jerk and find a café in the town proper and dash off a blog post each day, but let’s face it; it’s a blog not a job.  I figured we would have access at the house we had everything else a person could want for goodness sake, but no internet.  So, I got a pretty unplugged weekend, really.  I didn’t watch any TV, little on the phone and to the amazement of wife and sister-in-law spent the better part of the two days building a puzzle with my mother-in-law, brother-in-law and father-in-law.  My wife chipped in a bit too, but also had a good time making fun of us as well.  I’ll be writing up a few thoughts on Galena as well on the other blog.  In short, Galena was a lot of fun and I would recommend heading there from Chicago for a weekend; a good bit of scenery, some fun history and good food.

The biggest baseball development in my world is the return of fantasy baseball.  Unfortunately another casualty of the trip was that I missed the fantasy draft.  Draft day is always such a good time, previewing the players, a bit of banter and the slim hope that I may just be competitive this year.  I don’t dare to dream of winning the league, but it would be nice to be in the thick of things later than June.  Even so, I was in the thick of things until June last year and it was a lot of fun; after that, not so much.  I can’t imagine the auto-draft did much worse than I normally do, so the hope of spring is still here.  Back to the White Sox stuff tomorrow.

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