Your 2013 Chicago White Sox: Gavin Floyd (Preview #13)

Your 2013 Chicago White Sox: Gavin Floyd (Preview #13)

I wrote a blog a few years ago about a game that Gavin Floyd threw against the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Zach Duke was the opposing pitcher.  It was a masterful game, a pitchers duel on an otherwise non-descript June night.  That is the Gavin Floyd I not only want to remember, but want to see in the future, like the immediate future of 2013.  Unfortunately, that isn’t how Gavin rolls.  We are pretty much in for a slow start, some great moments and an otherwise average year.

Floyd threw 168 innings last year, which isn’t bad, but isn’t great (he did have a stint on the DL) He had no complete games and slightly less than half of his starts were of the quality variety.  Floyd’s strikeout and walk ratios aren’t all that great either, 19.9% and 8.6%, respectively.  His ERA+* was 101, just a tick above being average.  Let’s face it: Gavin Floyd is pretty average, but as a fourth starter, that is pretty good, at least I think so.  Looking at 2013, it appears it will be more of the same.  Somewhere between 170 innings and if the stars align 200 innings, a similar ERA, though we don’t know the league average so ERA+ will have to wait a bit, and about the same strikeouts and walks.

* Ok, I didn’t use this for the other pitchers, but I did a little research and it gives a pretty good number in comparison to the rest of the league.  I wish I understood how they adjusted for ballparks.  A math class on baseball math WOULD BE AWESOME!

As we approach the season, unfortunately, Gavin Floyd might need to be more than Gavin Floyd.  To make it worse, Gavin needs to better than Gavin at the time of year when he usually is pretty bad.  I’ll talk more about it in the next post, but by all accounts, John Danks isn’t going to start the season in Chicago.  What’s more, there really is no telling when Danks will be pitching effectively.  The reports from spring training all have two common facets; Danks insists he is healthy and two he has lost his velocity.  When those two factors come together, feeling healthy and pitching well, may take a really long time to align.  If the White Sox are going to keep pace with the Tigers, not to mention the Royals and Indians, they need the Floyd and who ever was going to be the fifth starter to step it up.  As the vet, more of the expectations will and should rest on Floyd.  Let’s hope for an early June.


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