Kenny Williams: the Human Representation of Tabliope

Kenny Williams: the Human Representation of Tabliope

Kevin Youkilis is a White Sox, hurr---rah? I can’t imagine he can be any worse than the two black holes that have been patrolling third base for the Sox this season, but we’ve seen this act before with Kenny, a trade for a former star who looks to be on the down side of his career. In recent memory it was Griffey and Ramirez, who between them hit one home run I think over the course of two seasons (albeit second halves of the seasons). For awhile, however, the running joke was that Kenny would go out before the trade deadline and get an Alomar, Sandy or Robbie, didn’t matter which one. In both cases they didn’t really amount to much. So forgive me if I don’t react to this latest slot pull with great enthusiasm.

That is the hard part about this trade and it’s the inverse of it, the attitude that Kenny shows time and time again that still make me a fan. So many of Kenny’s deals are marginal, even bad, but he never stands pat with his team. Third base has been a problem all year and Kenny has tried to fix it as best as finances would allow. Morel stinks, get Hudson. Hudson stinks, get Youkilis. Youkilis stinks? Well by then either the Sox are out of it or someone on the September call ups can be productive and it’s back to the drawing board for Kenny. Very rarely have I ever thought Kenny was too in love with the team he built that he wasn’t willing to tweak it some way. Maybe 2006, but that team did win 90 games. I don’t know if adding something from the scrap heap would have gotten them to the playoffs that year.

And to be completely honest, I’ve never care that much for Youkilis. Greek god of Walks or not, his approach at the plate is just painful to watch. I get it, he sees a lot of pitches and that is a good thing for the entire team, but man is it aggravating sometimes. I’m sure to a certain degree I’ll like him a lot more now that he is on my team, but it isn’t like watching Griffey or Ramirez and hoping they could for just a game of two recapture the magic. Youkilis never has inspired much awe, just ire. And if I’m being completely honest, I’m also afraid of what Hawk Harrison will be pulling out of his ass when discussing Youk’s batting stance. The mind worries as the body shivers.

Finally, you heard it here first, if the Sox are still in it by the deadline and the starting pitching still looks like an ER, Kenny will toss the dice again and pick up a starting pitcher from yester year. Barry Zito, anyone?

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