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Chris Makes the Sale...and the Injury Bug

What a calendar year it’s been for Chris Sale.  He went from “let’s see what Chris Sale can do in the rotation” to injury risk to All-Star to legit phenom to multi-millionaire to Opening Day Starter in the course of 11 months.   Robin Ventura is giving the ball to Sale on April 1st.   Chris Sale... Read more »

The 2013 AL Central Preview

The White Sox offseason was about as drama-free as the two men who are now minding the store.  Rick Hahn, in his first offseason as GM, devoted time to locking down the pieces that will carry the team for the next few years.  Jake Peavy was given a two-year contract extension last October.  Chris Sale... Read more »

Chris $ale

This is how an ace is born, not with a bang, but with a team-friendly contract extension. Chris Sale is the first building block in the White Sox team of the future.  He can contribute today, of course, but he will also contribute in 2019.  It’s kind of odd imagining the world of 2019.  I’ll... Read more »