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Era of Good Feelings

The first two months of the White Sox season have been so rocky, new controversies have replaced the old.  Remember when we were fretting about attendance dropping below two million? Well, it turns out that White Sox attendance is actually ahead of last year. 425, 695 fans paid to enter US Cellular Field through 21... Read more »

Jeff Keppinger Into Darkness

It’s hard to be mad at Jeff Keppinger.  He’s been mired in a slump that’s historically bad. Was Keppinger was cursed by the guy in the movie “Thinner?” Maybe he made a wish, and his 2013 White Sox season is the Rod Serling-esque ironic result. Imagine, if you will, an ordinary baseball player.  But he... Read more »

Adam Dunn: A Victim of Circumstance

Adam Dunn’s White Sox tenure has not been a happy one.  With the exception of the first half of 2012, Dunn has failed to live up to the lofty expectations of fans when he signed with the White Sox in December of 2010. Adam Dunn’s signing has to be taken in the context of the... Read more »

The Hard Luck Sox

Sunday night, just hours after the White Sox suffered their worst loss in a season full of them, my fellow Sox bloggers got into a Twitter discussion about the number of birth control pills that can be safely ingested by a dog. It’s been that kind of season. So far, the White Sox have been... Read more »


The crummy weather in April has given way to summer-like temperatures on the First of May. Hopefully, the White Sox fortunes will see a similar reversal. Until that happens…I want to ponder a certain type of fan behavior that has bothered me for years. Unfocused rage. These are the people who blurt WHY CAN’T YOU... Read more »