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Back up the Truck? Why?

It’s starting to happen.  After yesterday’s loss to Tampa Bay, White Sox fans took to blogs, social media, and (probably) talk radio to say it is time for Rick Hahn to start trading players for prospects. Here’s the problem with “backing up the truck.” The White Sox are going to get next to nothing. The... Read more »

Hawk Harrelson is Spiro Agnew

Close your eyes and repeat after me: “Hawk’s views on advanced stats don’t matter…” “Hawk’s views on advanced stats don’t matter…” “Hawk’s views on advanced stats don’t matter…” “Hawk’s views on advanced stats don’t matter…” “Hawk’s views on advanced stats don’t matter…” Because they don’t. Ken Harrelson is not the General Manager.  He’s not the... Read more »

Memories erase the "Ugly" from Winning Ugly

The 1983 White Sox trail the 1969 Cubs for the title of “most beloved team that never won anything.”  The ’83 team is getting a season-long tribute in honor of the 30th Anniversary of winning the AL West. Lost in all of the hoopla is the fact that it is also the 20th Anniversary of... Read more »

Days of Future Past

The White Sox had a bad weekend.  The offense was anemic.  Jeff Keppinger kept hitting balls right at guys.  Adam Dunn struck out a bunch of times.  It was the same old same old. Instead, let’s talk about the movie “42,” which I saw on Saturday night.  It is the story of Jackie Robinson’s struggle... Read more »

Everyone Needs an Off Day

The White Sox canceled tonight’s game against the Minnesota Twins. That is fine. A week’s worth of rain was followed by a sudden drop in temperature, wind, and snow. Bottom line, it was going to be miserable at the ballpark tonight. The White Sox made the right call. That didn’t stop the usual sniping from... Read more »

The Beat Goes On/Switching to Glide

The White Sox finally won a night game!  Until last night’s win, the Sox saved their best performances for the daylight.  More good news!  The Sox got a two out hit with a runner in scoring position!  Dayan Viciedo’s double in the top of the 9th scored the go-ahead run.  Paul Konerko scored on a... Read more »

A Rotten Weekend in Cleveland

The White Sox snapped their five game losing streak on Sunday, thanks to – you guessed it – home runs from Paul Konerko and Alejandro De Aza. Saturday’s game was a legit, no-doubt-about-it, loss.  Chris Sale was lit up for seven runs.  Duente Heath’s first big league pitch of the 2013 season was a two... Read more »

A New House in a Gentrifying Neighborhood

First off, I would like to thank Carlos Quentin for losing his mind and breaking Zack Greinke’s collarbone last night. The name “Carlos Quentin” brings back a flood of emotions.  First, Quentin was the primary reason the 2008 baseball season was such an unexpected pleasure.  The White Sox were terrible in 2007, and they were... Read more »

Hawk and Dove

Hawk Harrelson is not a big fan of advanced statistical metrics in baseball.  In the past, he’s called the book (and movie) “Moneyball” a fraud.  Actually, he said “It’s bull—t, and he’s proven its bull—t by the moves he’s made and the deals he’s made, and the games he’s lost.” He’s called Billy Beane “the... Read more »

Capitol Lounge

The good news from last night?  The White Sox almost won.  The bad news?  “Almost won” means they lost.  You don’t get credit for making it interesting. The White Sox inability to catch the ball allowed the Nationals to score the winning run.  Nate Jones walked leadoff batter Steve Lombardozzi to start the bottom of... Read more »