Everyone Needs an Off Day

The White Sox canceled tonight's game against the Minnesota Twins. That is fine. A week's worth of rain was followed by a sudden drop in temperature, wind, and snow. Bottom line, it was going to be miserable at the ballpark tonight. The White Sox made the right call.

That didn't stop the usual sniping from the usual places. Blue collar fans were upset that the millionaire athletes couldn't play in the cold (“I WORK OUTSIDE ALL DAY DESE GUYS AREN'T TOUGH...). Cubs fans jumped on the White Sox for calling off the game (ATTENDANCE LOL!).

“Chicago Tough” is a marketing slogan. It is not a way to act in every day life. You do not get additional points in life for sitting in a frigid ballpark for three hours. The White Sox do not benefit from playing the game. Broadcasting three hours of an empty ballpark does not help the White Sox efforts to market to the team. Everyone is better off playing at a warmer date (possibly August).

They can afford to do it. The Sox play the Twins plenty of times. The game can be made up via double header or day off.

There is precedent. The last “cold-out” was April 10, 2008. The Sox canceled a game against...Minnesota. The game was made up on June 9, 2008. The Sox wound up winning that game, and Nick Swisher hit home runs from both sides of the plate.

The Sox also bagged a Friday night game against Minnesota in April of 2007. The game was made up as part of a double header on July 6th. The Sox lost the makeup game 20-14. Incidentally, the White Sox also lost the nightcap 12-0 in Gavin Floyd's south side debut.

The cold-out gives the White Sox a much-needed off day in the middle of a long stretch of bad baseball. It seems everyone needs a break:

Adam Dunn, who went 1 for 33 on the road trip.

Dayan Viciedo, who strained an oblique during Thursday night's loss in Toronto.

After Viciedo went down last night, I thought it might be time for Jarrod Mitchell to see the big leagues. Mitchell, a member of the Charlotte Knights, will get a change of scenery. Unfortunately, for him, he is being demoted to Double-A Birmingham. Mitchell's Triple-A slash line was less-than-inspiring: .201/.312/.305

Planet White Sox is not a happy place right now. The cancelation might be a good thing...just to allow everyone to clear their heads.

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