Old Thoughts, New Digs

Ozzie Guillen is out of a job.  Kenny Williams is happily engaged to a national TV anchor.   The White Sox are now run by the buttoned down duo of Robin Ventura and Rick Hahn.  Even though the circus seems to have left town, there's plenty material coming out of the baseball factory at 333 W. 35th St.

This is a long way of saying welcome to my new online home.  Who am I?  I'm Rob Hart, and I am currently the morning sports anchor at 97.9 The Loop in Chicago.  Before that, I worked at WTMJ-AM in Milwaukee, WGN Radio in Chicago, and (for 11 glorious months) FM News 101.1 in Chicago.   In my spare time, I have been a regular contributor to South Side Sox.

The Sox-o-sphere is a very busy place, and I hope to do my part to make it in a rather competitive marketplace.

What can you expect out of this blog?  Some analysis, some recaps, and a lot of history.  The Chicago Tribune archives are a treasure trove of Sox stories that have been lost to history.

To paraphrase Hawk Harrelson, sit back, relax, set a bookmark (or an RSS Feed), and strap it down.  It's going to be a lot of fun.

Thanks for stopping by.

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