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Time to Retire some Shirts

What a difference a decade makes.  Americans’ attitudes towards same sex marriage have shifted radically since 2004.  Nine years ago, 55 percent of Americans disapproved of same-sex marriage.  Now, 58 percent of Americans approve.   That’s a staggering change.  By the standards of American politics, we are moving along at warp speed. Because attitudes have shifted,... Read more »

Endless Spring

Good morning, and welcome to what seems like the first anniversary of the start of spring training.  The endless exhibition season is one week away from the finish line.  Robin Ventura has one job between now and next Monday – make sure players who are suffering from twinges, tweaks, and tightness stay healthy.  We don’t... Read more »

Baseball is a dish that is not served cold

Opening Day is one week away.  Normally, that is a sign that spring is in the air.  However, if you have spent any time in Chicago over the past few weeks, you would know that spring is nothing but a pipe dream.   High temperatures have been below average, and the forecast for April 1st calls... Read more »

What the Cubs can learn from the White Sox: Stadium Edition

The Cubs are in the middle of a full-tilt stadium drama.  In many ways, it is a reboot of a stadium story that played out in the 1980’s.   The Cubs find themselves in the same spot as the White Sox in 1982. 1-      ComiskeyPark had reached the end of its useful life.  Years of deferred... Read more »

John Danks: Low and Slow

I’m not a betting man, but if I were, I would put money on John Danks starting the season on the DL. I’m OK with this. John Danks is in the first year of the five year contract extension he signed in December of 2011.  For the White Sox, he’s more than a pitcher.  He’s... Read more »

Ribbie and Roobarb Redux

Last week at South Side Sox, I wrote about how the Cubs could learn a thing or two from the disastrous introduction Ribbie and Roobarb in the early 80’s.  R&R were supposed to be the White Sox answer to the Phillie Phanatic.  Instead of being embraced, fans turned against the new mascots….and then some. I... Read more »

Chris Makes the Sale...and the Injury Bug

What a calendar year it’s been for Chris Sale.  He went from “let’s see what Chris Sale can do in the rotation” to injury risk to All-Star to legit phenom to multi-millionaire to Opening Day Starter in the course of 11 months.   Robin Ventura is giving the ball to Sale on April 1st.   Chris Sale... Read more »

A Happy Hawk is a Happy Home (Game)

Hawk Harrelson and Steve Stone have spent the offseason telling everyone who will listen that they really do love each other and that they will stop fighting and it’s not your fault. Well, I took some liberties with the last two parts, but the Hawkeroo and Stone Pony are going out of their way to... Read more »

The Obligatory Attendance Post

I’m a White Sox fan writing a web log (aka “blog”) about the Chicago White Sox baseball franchise.  I am required by the ghosts of Jerome Holtzmann and Dave Condon (Tribune scribes, both of ‘em) to discuss that sore subject of White Sox attendance. Sox attendance is a sore subject for one reason and one... Read more »

Spring Success?

Can Spring Training records predict the outcome of a season? No. But I’m desperate for data points.  I was one of the poll junkies who looked at seventeen different election prediction websites last fall.  If I obsessed over the numbers, like Russell Crowe in “A Beautiful Mind,” I was certain to find a predictive pattern.... Read more »