Cream on the Side? Unheard Of!

I asked for your comments, suggestions and experiences and thanks everyone for participating. So today's question is: How many people does it take to delivery a perfect cup of coffee? Peep the scenario.  Michelle is a Nurse, who like myself, loves a good cup of coffee to get her amped in the morning.  She decided to stop at the McDonalds on 87th and King Drive to satisfy her Caffiene  Fix. Unlike the fancy, expensive coffee shops where ordering a cup of coffee takes 60 seconds to describe the drink, Michelle's order was simple. Medium coffee, cream on the side. Easy enough right? WRONG!  The girl in the drive through was eager to oblige such a request from the ordering station, but in the 15 seconds it took Michelle to drive to the pick up window, the rules had drastically changed.

A second person inside heard the order taker asking for a cup to put the "Cream on the side" in and all hell broke lose!  "No, no, no, we can't put cream on the side, she has to have it put into her coffee" she said.  At this point I asked myself, "what global catastrophe would be caused by putting cream on the side"  Would customers start showing up by the thousands making such unreasonable demands? Might they storm the McDonald's, cups raised.... chanting: Cream on the side! Cream on the side!  Luckily for Michelle, there was a lady clad in a blue shirt, obviously the garb of someone in charge and with good customer service reasoning skills. She approached the pick up window, peeked her head out and asked Michelle "What's the problem honey"?  Michelle, who by this time was perplexed and just a tad bit peeved had already told them to keep the coffee and give her money back, she  simply replied "I would like cream on the side so that I can flavor my coffee to my personal taste"

Blue Shirt was livid! She turned to the other two, gave them a disapproving glance and said "Go find a cup and give this lady some cream on the side" She immediately apologized to Michelle and bid her a good day.   The moral of the story is: If you like cream on the side and delicious McDonald's coffee you must do one of two things. You should either order directly from Blue shirt or prepare to haggle with at least 2 underlings and devote 10 minutes of your day to enjoy your morning joe.


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