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The Mentality of A Chicagoan: Why You Aren't Like Everyone Else.

I came to Chicago from Joliet some years ago and was able to see the differences between regular logic and the insane logic of a Chicagoan. If you are a born and bred native of Chicago, then I apologize in advance for any hurt feelings that may result from this post. If you know anything... Read more »

What We Sox Fans Are Not....

What We Sox Fans Are Not....
The Crosstown Classic is here and we Sox fans have to travel to Wrigleyville this morning to cheer on our beloved team! Like every other year, we have to be faced with the insults and name calling. Let me tell you, we will not take it anymore! I am going to debunk the South Side... Read more »

Survival Guide to The South Side: A Quick List

You’ve read my last post so you could say you & I are on a first name basis.  We have the same friends and when we see each other, we do the face-brush-cheek-kiss thing.  My point is: You can trust me. My purpose in your life is to be the friend that gives you good solid advice. ... Read more »