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A Meatless 20 Days: Facing Reality

Today marks 20 days of not eating meat and I am at a crossroads. The challenge was initially set for 22 days as I’ve heard that it takes about that long to break a bad habit. During this time, I became a pescatarian, or someone who eats fish but no other forms of meat. The... Read more »

Black Barbie Dolls Aren't Just For Black Children: Weekend Truth

My daughter is multi-ethnic with a rich blend of cultures from both sides of her blood line.  I’ve exposed my child to second and third languages and have always made her know both sides of her family and culture. Of all things I have done, the most ingenious has been buying my daughter black dolls. ... Read more »

Life In It's Rarest Form: Thursday Wisdom

In retrospect, I realize life was never as complicated as I made it seem. I put stress on myself and raced to meet the end of some stupid deadline. My entire days, all 24 hours of them, would be filled with work and heavy thoughts. My relationships were worthless as I bided my time with... Read more »

A Few Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger

I have broken into my 30’s and I find this period of my life to be exciting and forever evolving.  I enjoy every day  and I feel more confident than I ever have in my life. If only I knew then what I know now! I imagine many things would be different for me overall…or... Read more »

Jan 2, 2013 - Best Day To Set My Lifelong Resolutions

In the past, I have been known to step ahead of myself with setting my New Year’s resolutions.  I’d spend the entire week after Christmas contemplating what I was going to change, give up, or start. Over time, I became a person who jumped on “Resolution Bandwagons”; By February, I was back to doing the... Read more »

A Little Blurb About Mondays: Guidance In The Laws Of Ass Whippery

Today was one of those days. Dealing with difficult people is always fun. Before, I would be stressed for days behind it…couldn’t sleep..allow it to affect my home life. Now, I just stretch back in my seat, put my hands behind my neck and throw my feet on the desk and say, “You finished?” I... Read more »

The Mentality of A Chicagoan: Why You Aren't Like Everyone Else.

I came to Chicago from Joliet some years ago and was able to see the differences between regular logic and the insane logic of a Chicagoan. If you are a born and bred native of Chicago, then I apologize in advance for any hurt feelings that may result from this post. If you know anything... Read more »

Overheard On The South Side: A Hilarious Gathering Of Conversations In The City

“I cannot wait for this strike to be over. My kids are so annoying.”-Food 4 Less, 47th & Damen. “So then this bitch says to me..”When are WE leaving?” And I was wondering where the hell she got “WE” from? Worst date ever!” – White Palace, Roosevelt and Canal “He has this weird relationship with... Read more »

Quick Cup o' Joe & Short But True Story With Joy: A South Side Exclusive 8/31/2012

So, I am at a red light this morning on my way to the gig and a white work van pulls up next to me with two men inside: Driver: “Pssst…Pssst.” (Trying to get my attention) Me: “Can I help you?” (Highly annoyed). Driver: “I want to f@ck you.” Me: “Won’t your boyfriend sitting next... Read more »

Book of Translation: A Guide To Help Understand Women-Speak

I know you’ve run into it: You think you have said the right thing to a woman only to have it all blow up in your face. As a woman, I know I am complicated and can wreck havoc on anyone that doesn’t understand where I am coming from. Your mother, aunt, grandmom, sister, daughter... Read more »