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The Thing About Father's Day When Your Father Is Gone

I always loved spending Father’s Day with my dad. My dad was a comical guy who had a way with words. My sister, mom and I would pull out all of the stops to be sure Father’s Day was special because he did all he could to make us feel special all year round. Although... Read more »

Why Some Weaves Should Be Illegal: A Rambling of Sorts

I was out shopping this weekend and enjoying the lovely weather we’ve been having. Hitting the stores and browsing, I saw this middle aged woman with a spectacular hat. It was quite unique and wasn’t like an average or ordinary hat. This hat had something more. Being that I was in a good mood, I... Read more »

You Know You Live On The Southside of Chicago When...

…you aren’t even Irish but you go the the St. Patrick’s Day parade religiously. …you know a “guy” for everything from tires to cut rate beef steaks. …you honk before pulling from an alley into the street. …you’ve purchased the most useful things at the swap meet. …whether you’re white, black, Hispanic, you know at... Read more »

Top 6 Reasons I Love Being 33

On the 14th of this month, I made the BIG 33. I received tons of well wishes and the lovely question “How old are you?” floated in the air. Of course, I got a lot of worried looks when people found out how old I was. Some stepped back as though I would erupt with... Read more »

"I Like Big Butts"...But Using Fix-A-Flat To Get One? Hell No!

We all have something we’d like to change about ourselves. Some people don’t like their teeth, or want to change their hair color. I wouldn’t mind having a little extra cushion and lift in my booty-area. Yeah, I said, “Booty.” Seriously, I think my pants would fit so much better with a little help but... Read more »

Overheard On The South Side: A Collection of Chatter

“Seriously, this was the ugliest girl I had ever met but she reminded me of my mom so that’s why we dated.” – Walgreens, Roosevelt and Canal “Sandy Jackson is a mess. I knew she was underhanded when she got her nose job. You’re a f*cking Alderman, not a Housewife of Beverly Hills.” –Valois, Hyde... Read more »

What My Father Taught Me About Valentine's Day: A Reflection

My father, a solid man, stood his ground in a house full of women. My mother, sister and I adored my father and listened for hours to his tall tales because we felt that if he told them they were likely true. My father, a proud man, spoke highly of “his girls” to strangers and... Read more »

The Blood Runs Cold: Joliet Paper Trivializes The Deaths of Two Black Men

Last Thursday, the residents of Joliet were shocked to hear the news of the homicides of 22 year old buddies, Terrance Rankins and Eric Glover. They were discovered Thursday evening in the home of Alisa Massaro strangled to death. The remains were mutilated in an attempt to dismember the bodies. Further reports swarmed about sexual... Read more »

South Side Sunday Wisdom: 1/13/2013

“You aren’t living if you don’t have someone/something to die for.” “Never allow people with low self-worth to be in your circle of friends.  They will depreciate YOUR value.” “Never say what you would never do in life.  That chapter isn’t written by you.” “You should be very careful of what you put in your... Read more »

Next Time The World Ends: Don't Do This

Next Time The World Ends: Don't Do This
Psst.. It is the end of the world, again. I am sure there are people who fell for the nonsense kicking themselves for the choices they made pre-doomsday. Next time there is another end-of-world scare, you’ll be prepared so that you don’t look like a complete IDIOT! 5. Don’t Curse Out The People You Work... Read more »