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Overheard On The South Side: A Hilarious Gathering Of Conversations In The City

“I cannot wait for this strike to be over. My kids are so annoying.”-Food 4 Less, 47th & Damen. “So then this bitch says to me..”When are WE leaving?” And I was wondering where the hell she got “WE” from? Worst date ever!” – White Palace, Roosevelt and Canal “He has this weird relationship with... Read more »

Overheard on The South Side 8/31/2012

“When are you going to stop screwing your ex-wife?” -Jewel, Roosevelt “I am Jewish and John is black. My mom is gonna fu*king die when she finds out.” – Eleven City Diner, 11th & Wabash “Where the hell did I park? I hate when you forget where I parked. That’s your job.” -Ford City Mall... Read more »

Funny Things Overheard On The South Side: Summer Edition

“Emmanuel needs to worry less about those damn kids and more about these goddamned potholes.” – White Palace “I’ve been going through a phase where I want to tattoo my whole body.” Clarke’s, Hyde Park “Hey lady, I saw you blew your nose but didn’t wash your hands.” Coculas on Pulaski “What do you mean... Read more »

Overheard On The South Side: A Hilarious Gathering of Actual Conversations Overheard on The South Side of The City

1. “Who the hell is she supposed to be, Nicki Minaj?  Everyone can’t wear pink weave.”  — Walgreens, 51st and Cottage Grove 2. “Sir, I am looking for something less “garage sale” and more “Euro.” — Home Depot, Roosevelt, South Loop 3. “This city needs a f*cking douche.  It smells like ass out here.”  — ... Read more »

Funny Things Heard On The South Side: II

“29 cents per banana? Are you kidding me? They look like  they’ve been in a fight with all those bruises.” Target, Roosevelt & Clark “My wife thinks I’m at work. That’s the only way I can enjoy a donut by my damn self.” Dunkin Donuts, 59th & Kedzie “C’mon, if we even look like we’re... Read more »