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Taking a Break Is Okay (Regardless of What Everyone Tells You)

I have returned from a writing hiatus and I feel pretty good. Everyone was wondering what the hell happened to me and why I just stopped. The truth is: Life had sort of burnt me out. I was literally doing everything for everyone else that I forgot how to do things for ME. The realization... Read more »

Life In It's Rarest Form: Thursday Wisdom

In retrospect, I realize life was never as complicated as I made it seem. I put stress on myself and raced to meet the end of some stupid deadline. My entire days, all 24 hours of them, would be filled with work and heavy thoughts. My relationships were worthless as I bided my time with... Read more »

Top 6 Reasons I Love Being 33

On the 14th of this month, I made the BIG 33. I received tons of well wishes and the lovely question “How old are you?” floated in the air. Of course, I got a lot of worried looks when people found out how old I was. Some stepped back as though I would erupt with... Read more »

What My Father Taught Me About Valentine's Day: A Reflection

My father, a solid man, stood his ground in a house full of women. My mother, sister and I adored my father and listened for hours to his tall tales because we felt that if he told them they were likely true. My father, a proud man, spoke highly of “his girls” to strangers and... Read more »