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Overheard On The South Side: A Collection of Chatter

“Seriously, this was the ugliest girl I had ever met but she reminded me of my mom so that’s why we dated.” – Walgreens, Roosevelt and Canal “Sandy Jackson is a mess. I knew she was underhanded when she got her nose job. You’re a f*cking Alderman, not a Housewife of Beverly Hills.” –Valois, Hyde... Read more »

The Funniest Ish From The Web This Week

It’s the end of the week and it’s time for the weekend.┬áDo you need a laugh? I’ve decided to be a loyal friend and upload some funny pics from the web to lighten the load. Unwind and enjoy! Feel free to post your comments in the section below, and while you’re at it, follow me... Read more »

A Little Blurb About Mondays: Guidance In The Laws Of Ass Whippery

Today was one of those days. Dealing with difficult people is always fun. Before, I would be stressed for days behind it…couldn’t sleep..allow it to affect my home life. Now, I just stretch back in my seat, put my hands behind my neck and throw my feet on the desk and say, “You finished?” I... Read more »

Yes, I Am A Card Carrying Member of The Five-Head Tribe: A Battle of The Heads

Yes, I Am A Card Carrying Member of The Five-Head Tribe: A Battle of The Heads
My life has always revolved around my mountain of a forehead. It was a gift from my father, “Papa Head” and his entire family before him. Anyone would know, that from my head, I was a Sinegar. My Five-Head, quite large and round, made me believe that I should always have some form of bangs... Read more »

Ode To Whomever Steals My Tribune Every Sunday Morning.

Damn you. The Tribune is cheap enough for you to get your own subscription. I hope you lose the coupons inside and are forced to pay full price…forever. I am working on a way to catch you. Imagine an imaginary string or a cage that drops down on you as you step on my porch... Read more »

Quick Cup o' Joe & Short But True Story With Joy: A South Side Exclusive 8/31/2012

So, I am at a red light this morning on my way to the gig and a white work van pulls up next to me with two men inside: Driver: “Pssst…Pssst.” (Trying to get my attention) Me: “Can I help you?” (Highly annoyed). Driver: “I want to f@ck you.” Me: “Won’t your boyfriend sitting next... Read more »

Funny Things Overheard On The South Side: Summer Edition

“Emmanuel needs to worry less about those damn kids and more about these goddamned potholes.” – White Palace “I’ve been going through a phase where I want to tattoo my whole body.” Clarke’s, Hyde Park “Hey lady, I saw you blew your nose but didn’t wash your hands.” Coculas on Pulaski “What do you mean... Read more »